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Fitness, Witness & Life with Junaid Kalwala Episode - 4

Junaid Kaliwala hosts a ‘complete’ couple in fitness – Guradesh Mann and Balreet Mann. Both husband and wife are an inspiration and give major couple goals in fitness. Junaid carries of this episode with a charming demeanor armed with baseline research on this power couple.

Junaid Kaliwala starts of discussing their journey of Guradesh Mann. He has been into fitness since year 2001. He aspired to be physiotherapist, he was studying for the same but over the period of time, his passion for fitness took over his career priorities and he became a fitness trainer and nutritionists. He has been an active bodybuilding athlete as well.

Balreet has been a sportsperson from school days and hence, it was ingrained in her to lead a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, it was her parents who supported her in staying fit and healthy but after marriage, especially, when she became a mother, she became more conscious and started her journey towards building herself. Guradesh Mann and Balreet Mann make a support system for each other. They have a healthy environment at home and their daughter has absorbed this way of life, she doesn’t even know the taste of fried and junk food, which is applauding for a little girl. All credit goes to their parenting which revolves around health and fitness.

Guradesh Mann stresses on overall personality of an athlete at all times throughout the year as they represent ‘fit’ lifestyle and that is what is giving them recognition. Overall personality includes good communication skills as well. It is important for athletes to groom themselves in terms of knowledge, communication and maintaining a good physique as part of their lifestyles.

Balreet Mann busted myths around women weight training. Weight Training is an important part of exercise routine and is a must if you wish to lose weight. Weight training tones your body, increases your strength, stamina and confidence in one go. Along with cardio with weight training makes an ideal combination for a complete fitness regimen.

There are many phases of both Balreet and Garadesh but all of the ends ultimately at each other. Junaid Kalwala beautifully explores this inspiring side of their relationship with his intriguing questions at the show which include a rapid fire round. Do not miss it, watch whole of the episode to know their answers!

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    I am Guradesh Mann's father. And naturally Balreet Mann's father in law.

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