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Fitness, Witness & Life with Junaid Kalwala Episode - 3

Training and Inspiring go hand in hand. This episode features a known and knowledgeable name – Arun Bhattacharya and an inspiring idol to many – Rubal Dhankar. Junaid goes candid with both the awe-inspiring personalities and shares light but uplifting chat with them online. Watch it all in Episode – 3 of Fitness, Witness & Life with Junaid Kaliwala!

Arun is a go to person for all the relevant knowledge, is an impactful communicator and an ardent fitness trainer. Rubal on the other hand, is an ex-Roadies’ favorite star, has redefined fitness and is a pure fighter in this field. Both the personalities seem stark opposite to each other which bond closely because of their love for fitness. They have reached the status of being admired by the masses for their impressive personalities.

Juniad on his show, brings them together for the first time and pulls off the strings together for an interesting and muscled talk which revolves around their struggles, beliefs and light hearted moments of life apart from some real fitness inspiration.

Rubal reveals that how he never gave up on life, was never intimidated by rejection or success. He kept on pursuing his passion, no matter what and kept on putting a lot of effort in making a brand out of himself and carve a place of himself not only in the fitness industry but in the hearts of many people. Post roadies, one thing that kept driving him further was fitness and hence, he took this path to inspire people with his YouTube channel. He came over challenges like improving on his communication skills while doing so and now, he is super confident with what he wishes to convey. His journey was to improve himself in every way possible and develop his faculties for challenges of life in future in a better way.

Arun comes with wise advice for athletes to secure a future with stable financial backup before taking a plunge into a sport like bodybuilding. He says that he himself thinks like a business person and he knows that once finances are in place, the only focus remains is to improve on your performance. Unfortunately, in this industry, there is little or almost no money for athletes to support their sport and training and this is the reason, this financial base is important. He also said that trainers and athletes must upgrade their knowledge and use that to generate money.

Although Arun comes from a considerably affluent background, he never took his financial management lightly. Rubal never rocked his life with his will-power and never ending constant efforts to improve. Both the men put forth an example in front of people where they can learn, get inspired as well as find answers, especially, athletes. Watch their fun-filled rapid fire round with JK as icing on the cake. There is more to the talk session than what words could explain here!

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