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Fitness, Witness and Life with Junaid Kaliwala – Episode 1

Did you know what caution Deepika has to suggest in Corona crisis being a molecular biologist? Did you know how Navreet coped up with pandemic situation living alone in Mumbai? What more… Three India’s favorite IFBB Pros on one screen talking about life and fitness! If this is not enough to watch the episode, we don’t know what is.

Life has gotten trapped into limitations and social distancing because of COVID-19 pandemic. The episode focuses on life in corona times, life in general, likes, dislikes, dreams and endeavors of your favorite IFBB Pro stars like Deepika Chowdhury and Navreet Josan. Catch a glimpse of their humble, cheerful, hopeful and lovable human side in this episode as they open their heart to Junaid Kaliwala.

For the first time at bodyandstrength.com has the divas opened up so profoundly about their personal preferences, their outlook towards life, their dilemmas, their decisions and even their fears whether it is relationships or their jobs. These two wonderful women are role models for many girls in India and hence, the episode becomes invaluable with their presence together in one episode, one frame talking about several life touching and heart touching topics.

Junaid Kaliwala plays out his charm when it comes to cherishing relationships in the industry. He did the same in this episode and had his guests becoming comfortable with some of the ‘little’ uncomfortable questions too. Deepika as a person is knowledgeable, stronger than she seems and of course a person with a practical yet positive mindset to bring about a change. Navreet as a person shines as a sauve, caring with a ‘never give up’ attitude kind of girl. They both redefine standards of beauty which is everlasting because of the strength they ooze!

Know what Deepika likes the most, what inspires Navreet, what city her heart lies in, what’s their favorite food, what concern Deepika has for the nation and what messages they both have to give to the audiences along with answers to many questions which you had in your head for them but could never ask.

Their socials tell little about how they feel about what’s happening outside, how they deal with life day in and day out. Their socials are full of inspiration but little does anyone know about their real life, which changes with changing circumstances and like us all, they have to give every challenge a tough fight. Whether with someone or not, the only thing which sets them apart is their strong will-power and zeal for life! Hats-off to you both divas!

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