Fitness Weekly | Lockdown Series: Training Sector

The episode highlights latest news from the industry and features 3 of top trainers of India as panelists in the webinar. Jinnie Gogia Chugh discusses with Aminder Singh, Rakesh Udiyar and Akshay Chopra about the impact of COVID crisis on training industry and possible solutions to it.

The news broadcast starts with latest news which made a difference in the fitness and sport industry. F For Fitness Fundraiser event organized by Fitternity, Classic Fitness Academy and Body and Strength was fruitful and help packages have been dispatched with medicines and ration to the trainers and helping staff who need it in the industry. A huge thanks to the participants, coaches (who held the online sessions) - and brands like Proburst, Gymline, Life fitness, One Life, Anytime Fitness and KFS.

Results for the Virtual Sports & Fitness Challenge 2020 organized by are out. The winners in different categories are listed out at Sports & Fitness Skills Council social media platforms as well as The event was successful and Sports & Fitness Skills Council takes the opportunity to thank all the participants as well as the esteemed judges like Milind Soman and Gopichand.

Srilankan and Australian cricket teams have resumed practice again. Nations like Newzealand have also started their fitness and sports activities. The Corona scare, however, is there in many other countries and games are being held in empty stadiums. Gyms have opened up wherever the lockdown has been lifted except in India where only a few states have permitted gyms to open.

Hockey legend Balbir Singh Sr. passes away. He helped India get Olympic credits several times. He will be immensely missed.

The webinar session had coach Aminder Singh from Team Aminder, renowned celebrity coach Rakesh Udiyar and Founder of We R Stupid plus coach Akshay Chopra. The coaches expressed the growing concern for the industry during lockdown and the issue of gyms not being open. They also agreed to the fact that this is perhaps not the right time to open the gyms still when every other thing is open at this hour, gyms must have its chance to survive again because many related industries depend upon them. Regarding finances, they said that most of the trainers are not prepared enough to handle crisis like this or for that matter any personal crisis because of their personal financial planning.

Training industry has always been training clients online and at this time, they have totally switched to online business. Trainers hence, need to use this time upgrade themselves professionally to win more clients and do more business. There is a need of managing personal finances better so that one doesn’t come across situations where survival becomes a challenge. It is perhaps the case with every other industry and not just fitness industry but that doesn’t mean that we don’t take back lessons from it.

Watch the intriguing session in this Fitness Weekly episode.

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