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Technology has taken this period by storm. This is a time when companies have changed their models to online trainings and events. How people and brands are taking to it? This episode talks about this vital transition in fitness industry. Jinnie GC’s intriguing discussion with tech-based brand owners reveals the ground below the net!

The episode begins with the news of gym re-opening in many states with state wise guidelines but it is responsibility of each member to ensure that those guidelines are being followed strictly otherwise the whole effort can back fire and put this industry in jeopardy. As important it is for saving the livelihood of many, it must become a place of good health and safety instead of high risk assemblies to make the re-opening a success.

Body and Strength appeals to the people to join gym, whenever permitted but adhere to strict safety guidelines like a responsible citizen of the country because there is a lot at stake apart from their own lives.

There has been a major shift of operations to online trainings of trainers to online training being provided by trainers to holding events online and we give credit to the technology for keeping the industry going even in lockdown period. There are other models of digital business which are coming up in the wake of Corona Virus crisis worldwide, including India.

Fitness and Sports Skill Council has recently launched their fitness community app A good news is that it has organized a mega online event from May 25th to May 28th calling Virtual Fitness Challenge. Every day there will be a new challenge where many people will be participating, you can too because entry is free. You must register now with ongoing event on if you wish because slots are limited. People are excited for such an event in otherwise rather dull times without events these days.

In the webinar, our special guests for this episode were Jayam Vora. Founder of Fitternity, Jitendra Chouksey, Founder of Fittr and Kalyani Kapadia, CEO of K11 Academy. The discussion focused on the changing modalities of operations in their respective enterprises. Kalyani Kaizzad said that trainers who have been already training high profile clients on the go through online classes, were used to training online so switching to an altogether online training mode, didn’t take them much of an effort. Still, not all clients are alike, the frequency has increased so need a particular set of skills to make sure their efforts are fruitful. For this K11 is going to hold workshops aiming at developing skill-sets for effective online training delivery.

Jitendra Chouksey from Fittr has been farsighted enough to already design a model based on online training right from the beginning. This is his and his company’s forte now. He is of the view that this model is the future and is never going to dowse down even if the COVID crisis is over. He believes in making long-term sustainable plans when it comes to future of company operations.

Jayam Vora on the other side, was asked since Fitternity model was majorly based on gym memberships, how was the company coping with it. Jayam informed that Fitternity has shown flexibility in coming up with online training, live training models. There are even ‘Do it Yourself’ sessions uploaded for members working out at home. For now, the model is sustainable but he is still of the view that looking at the COVID times’ uncertainty, every plan they are making is for next 3 months.

Well, it perhaps depends on company to company and their foundation forte, the way they change and make future plans for sustaining the business but this is certain that online models are here to stay almost in every aspect of fitness. Good thing is that most of the fitness community and even common people are glued to social media these days, for that matter, other days as well (frequency may fluctuate), so they better make it a useful and purposeful screen time.

There were many eye-opening quotes said by the invited visionaries in the webinar. To catch the happening session, watch the full episode and experience the tech-transition news!

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