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Fitness Weekly has become all the more engrossing with response of brands in coping with the COVID-19 outbreak crisis in the industry. It is important to know everyone’s side of story form start-ups to national to international brands. Along with news, Jinnie GC speaks to 3 important brands in this episode!

The episode starts with the news from the industry. The first news reels around IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala as he closes one of his stores in Mumbai just to ensure that quality products reach his consumers of SOS store chain in an ethical way. He took this brave step because the franchisee did not match the quality standards as per SOS stores, they were selling other brands other than which SOS sold and there were sales without bills which is again unfair to the customers. Looking at the malpractices in this particular franchisee, Junaid took the apt step of shutting it down instead.

The second news perhaps, is the national news right now and draws our attention to the most humane side of fitness industry, when it takes pride in SonuSood, who is a part of fitness industry due to his passion for fitness, is a remarkable actor as well as a good human being who has sent approximately 12000 workers to their homes and recently, has even sent some girls from Kerala to their home in Odisha. He has emerged as a true hero in the face of crisis. We not only look forward to him but also take inspiration from him to do everything in our might to help those who are need.

The third news is about the ongoing online fundraising event from 1st June to 7th June. The funds collected from these sessions will be used to prepare and distribute essential items and medicine help kits to the trainers and supporting staff who need it in four major cities. There will be sessions at 6pm everyday for 7 days. Some of the most known names in the industry have come forward for this cause and are taking sessions free of cost to help people stay fit as well as with the sentiment of helping trainers, housekeeping and supporting staff of the industry who are in need. We need more people like Prateek Kundal, Vinod Channa, Kunal Rajput, Vedantika Puri, Yatinder Singh, Bhangra Dynasty and Nidhi Mohan Kamal who are standing in solidarity with the industry and are doing their best to help it survive and grow through this crisis. The event is a collaborative effort of Fitternity, Classic Fitness Academy and Body and Strength.

The webinar session of this episode revolved around nutrition and supplementation brands and their plan of action during lockdown and into the future from here. The speaker guests were Vikram Salwan (Director, QNT India), Vinay Jain (COO, OnelifeNutriscience) and Vijayraghavan Venugopal (CEO/Founder, Fast & Up). Vijayraghavan talked about the finding a silver lining in this period of crisis and looking after the safety of brand employees as well as ensuring the safety of their regular consumers by following the guidelines. All three of them agreed that the focus has now shifted to daily use vitamins and minerals which boost immunity and people who were not using supplements are also keen on using so that they can take care of their immunity. The core fitness supplements, however, have taken a backseat in sales. Vikram seemed positive about customer loyalty even in the period of crisis and that is a good news for brands. Vinay emphasized on online promotion through online digital platforms and even online events these days, the strategy of brand promotion is changing now, and even in future this option will not go out of line. QNT is an international brand and presented a global perspective, also gave a comparative view with India whereas Fast & Up which deals in different kind of supplements, has informed that regular micro nutrients have picked up sales in India. Onelife Nutriscience is comparatively a start-up but still sees a lot of scope in the business because need for nutrition for good immunity and better health is here to stay forever.

The discussion ended with a more humane note of looking out for each other, keeping the hope alive, persistence and consistency in business and life is important alike. Online platforms and sales are helping the brands sail through this period. Watch the most informative and interactive episode to know more about the session with these known brands.

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