Fitness Journey of Olympia Amateur Gold Medalist

The meaning of bodybuilding is totally different for me! I believe in crossing all the boundaries with passion and dedication.

Fitness Journey of Olympia Amateur Gold Medalist

I am Mahender Rajput an Indian athlete from Delhi, owner of a chain of gyms known as Iron Champ gym across Delhi- NCR. According to me healthy lifestyle is a religion, gym is a temple and body is the priest, providing healthy tips, best exercises and motivating people to have a healthy lifestyle.

Since I started my journey in 1995, I have trained many athletes who had competed and won different national and international. I am in association with DNS Nutrition, Promoter of Horse Balm and Radge Wear-Gym apparels.

In fitness industry, people have to promote themselves on their own and it is not easy because this sport has no career in the long run and dedication is the only key which helps in crossing all boundaries.


Working hard for my fitness goals, the inspiration came from watching Pumping Iron in 1994, I am a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Afterwards, I decided to transform.

Workout Schedule:

In my workout routine I workout 6 days a week

  • Monday: Chest Biceps
  • Tuesday: Shoulder Triceps
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Back
  • Friday: Abs and Crossfit
  • Saturday: Legs

In my diet I include Carbs, Protein and Minerals.

In off season I take 5000-6000 calories per day and in training season I take 2000-2500 calories per day.


  • 3 times Mr. India and
  • 5 times Mr. North India
  • 4 times Mr. YMCA
  • Gold medalist Bodypower  2018 (category-85kgs)
  • Bronze medalist Sheru Classic (category-70kg)
  • Gold Medalist Mr. Amateur Olympia 2018

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    U r best guru..... @fabulsa body in the world

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    Mahendra Rajput sir top athlete in India and best coach

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    Amazing bodybuilder and nyc body He is my roll model in my life Is a best person in a world His nature very best nd good

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    The best gym trainer i ever met

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    Ankit Choudhary

    Mahender Rajput Sir you have so knowledge about bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition etc etc.. Very good physique down to earth person Good personality. You are my inspiration 💪🏻

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    Dr Priyaranjan

    I have seen transformations under his guidance, specifically for people have medical issues, he develops the muscle as per body types. All the best for his future

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    Umesh lubhana

    Mahender bhai is very humble and hard working person. He works completely with accuracy and perfection. He is so much into in body building religiously. A very strong man with his body and very gentle with his heart. A rare person to find he is gem. All the very best Bhai. God bless you!

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    Ashish Sharma

    Nice person with great body, we love you, miss you, jai hind

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    Most my favorite bodybuilder in India I'm big fan Mahandar bhai good luck May Allah bless you

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    Superb body....and sure he won next gold medal for India.....ultimate , fantastic, fabulous, outstanding etc. Mr. Mahender rajput.

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    Mahendra Rajput is one of the best Athlete and a good human being I ever met

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    My Opinions About Respected Mahender Rajput = (1) Energetic personality (2) Awesome body shape (compete any national/international,,, bodybuilder/ bodybuilding championships) (3) Apart form this :- Great mentor/nice and helping person. The above three points is not enough to discribe my hero.

  • 16-Oct-2019, 12:34

    Rohit singh

    I have seen many body builders but Mahendra bhyia is like pure dedicated to his future and body building. Having huge knowledge about body building and nutrition, he can make over any type of person. God bless you bhyia, you are champ and you will be forever.

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    Your are no one this is for u mehendar

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    Mahender sir Best bobybuilder or trainer I had ever seen. God bless you with more success and happiness.

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    He is a great man and inpiration for us all. He is very dedicated towards his fitness. He is a gem of person. He possesses a very kind and helpfull nature towards those who really need it. I am glad that i know this man, and happy for his success.

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    Iam professional wrestler...and he's my fitness coach...but iam proudly saying that iam blessed to have in my life like a role model..he's inspiring me in my struggle..and whenever i feel low..he's motivating me Soo much...he's very hard-working...he's very determine person i ever seen in my life.. he's a champion..he's deserve lots of success and respect..Jai hind 🇮🇳

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    My coach one of the best traier i have meet, surely a mentor for me

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    shahrukh khan

    insallah bhaiya aap hi jeetoge god blesss u

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    Gagan deep singh

    Hi i am voting Mahender Rajput, he is doing so well ,in our bodybuilding world, he make all the indians proud,to be an olympia amateur pro.. Its a big thing for us.. So all the best to Mahender for upcoming competion, and make us proud with medals...

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    Really hard-working Bodybuilder

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    Monu kushwaha

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    The most Hardworking and passionate professional bodybuilder. We always see him with his best prepation on the stage. Also he is the role model for us. His dedication to his clients and behave with people are great. Down to eath in nature. I always inspire from him.

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    Rajiv chaddha

    Mehander rajput sir you are the best athletes and your my impression

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    Best athletes in India mahindra rajput sir

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    Wishing you a great life and healthy life forever. You make for inspiration so many people. God bless.

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    Such as best athletes in India I proud off I m Indian

  • 16-Oct-2019, 7:1

    Anmol sharma

    Great personality Mr. Mahender Singh rajput sir . as i knw him since 4 years i can call Him A man with Big Heart n positive Attitude n very Educated Athlete or Trainer . As i m also A Fitness trainer i learned various basic n advance facts about fitness from sir , The Basic quality of a Trainer is Knowledge , Talking skills , Patience n understanding , n know how to acheive a client goals , Qualification , skills , He is fulfill wid all these above , He show us how to push or cross ur limits he is a very big inspiration of our youth . Good.luck sir for ur future .

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    Hi..... I m a big fan of Mahendar Bhai... He is my mentor... A great personality.. A lion heart person... Mr phenomenal...

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    Upendar Sharma

    I confident you will get success in every competition. Great dear Keep it up your Sprite

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  • 16-Oct-2019, 7:49

    Lalit sharma

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    Very Excellent

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    gr8 prsnlty for india .... Now he has brought laurels to the country by winning Mr. Olympia as well as being a very good coach. ..... love u brother ❤️❤️❤️

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    Rajiv chaddha

    Mehander rajput sir you are the best athletes and your my impression

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    Lalit sharma

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    Lalit sharma

    Good body awesome trainer ....

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    Best coach

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    Rocky chauhan

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    Rohit parashar

    Mahendra Bhai is ideal for me. He's a true coach of bodybuiding. He's guidance is a motivation of all. He' s our hero and mentor. Mahendra bhai your success is our achievement. I love you we love you and INDIA love you. JAI HIND.

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    Piyush kaushik

    He is the best gurujii

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    Piyush kaushik

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    Best guruji And one of the best body builder we have in the country All the very best guru ji Bhai mahender rajput ji

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    He is really crazy for his fitness. I have seen personally his hard work to build hisself. He is best motivational trainer ever I seen in my life. Keep it Mahendra Rajput.. I wish you grow day by day..

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    Fabulous body in the world 💪💪💪💪😍😍😘😘

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