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Fitness is Not an Ordinary Goal, It is Indeed a Lifestyle

The only bad home workout is no workout at all

Fitness is Not an Ordinary Goal, It is Indeed a Lifestyle

When it is about workouts at home, you neither require hardcore resistance training nor do you require sophisticated workout equipment. No matter you are trying to shed extra pounds or build muscles from the comfort of your home, you can extract the best results out of your home workout. The key to achieving the best results from workouts at home lies inconsistent focus on strength training. You may gradually integrate cardio into your workout but you need to ensure getting the basics correct. Here let’s decode the workouts at home at the beginner level:-

Beginner Home Workout

This plan targets the muscles that are large to provide core strength and stability. You do not require any exclusive fitness equipment. To keep the energy drain at bay, you should aim to try out a minimum of 2-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions of each exercise. Thereafter, every week, you have to increase the repetitions until you can complete three sets of 12. Here are the basic 4 exercises to initiate from your home:-


Push-ups are reckoned as one of the simplest forms of home workouts for beginners. Variety is the key to keep monotony at bay. You need to keep progressing to the next level when you can do 10-12 repetitions without shaking unsteadily and stopping short.


For beginners, performing an effortless set of back lunges will go a long way in building glute muscles and thighs. If required, you may use a chair or a wall for balance. When you can perform a set of 10-12 lunges on every leg that too without any support, it is time to embrace variation.


When it comes to working the major muscles in your lower body while helping you shape firm thighs and buttocks, squats are truly phenomenal. There exist sufficient variations of squats that you can try at home while adding different kinds of interesting challenges right from experimenting with a kettlebell to small handheld weights.


When it comes to strengthening the abdominal muscles, planks are incomparable. Once you have got a hold on the basic plank position and as you grow strong, you may progress to the next level. The gradual progress may initiate with 15 seconds to progress to 30 seconds to eventually 90 seconds.

Wall Squats

To perform wall squats, you need to simply get the support of the wall for your back while you sink to a seated position. Now hold the pose for 20-30 seconds. As you go on to build the strength, challenge yourself further to hold the squat for a longer span.

The Bottom Line

A balanced exercise program is comprised of 2-3 times a workout per week. As you will progress in your home workout, your success will be measured in terms of how you feel and look rather than how many pounds you shed. No matter which specific exercise, you need to enhance the duration and intensity, both of the workout. In a nutshell, the above best of the best at-home workouts at three different levels is competent in working nearly every muscle in your body to ensure that you stay fit amidst the pandemic by building the required resilience and immunity.

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