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Fitness During Periods: Myths and Truths – By Jinnie Gogia Chugh

The biggest myths in fitness are around the ‘periods’. Yes, the monthly PMS that all women go through. While there is no scientific reason or correlation between any of the adverse effects of fitness during mensuration, yet there are many myths around it. This articles discusses in detail.

Fitness During Periods: Myths and Truths – By Jinnie Gogia Chugh

The discomfort is caused during menstruation that is something natural, and manageable too. A few women have a lot of cramping and stomachache, which is mainly due to the irregularity in the flow. Once that is addressed on its own, then the stomachache also eases.

Most of these myths have travelled over time. In ancient days or ages back, there weren’t too many facilities around. The washrooms etc. were also far away and one had to walk far-off during that time to ease oneself, hence, the women were advised to stay aloof, and not be in the kitchen. The reasons were hygiene and not the superstition that it makes them impure.Similarly, there are many myths around this natural process.

Myth1: You CANNOT exercise during periods

There is no scientific reason or medical reason for this. Yes, one may feel the discomfort and you may not find it very safe, and worry about leakage or anything like that, so you tend to avoid workout.

The fact is that a good workout will ease off the cramps and make you feel energetic.

Myth 2: Avoid doing abs during periods

Again, like all other myths, this is a myth too. As most of the women complain of stomach ache on the first day of their periods, they are asked to avoid the crunching exercises. All the abs exercises target the abdominal muscle, the core, and this is targeted, and it shall obviously be fatigued when you workout. Psychologically,one feels that it may lead to more discomfort or pain.Hence they are asked to avoid.

Myth 3: Don’t lift heavy during periods

This is again directly linked to the heavy flow, and the discomfort with periods. Haven’t we seen the construction workers, and the ‘khanabadosh’ or homeless females, who lift very heavy weights? Not only during periods but even after their deliveries, they resume their work within weeks. It is all about how you train your mind.

Yes, you have to be careful with proper clothes, inner wear, and ensure that you are having a proper arrangement (leakproof underwear,skin supporting briefs) so that you don’t feel the discomfort and are not worried about leakage too.

Myth 4: Fatigue is the reason behind no exercise during periods

There is a certain amount of fatigue that one feels during periods. But this should not stop you from exercising. When you exercise, you release endorphins, the hormones that are meant to make you happy, and positive. So, it is beneficial rather than harmful, to exercise during your periods.

Myth 5: You feel demotivated during periods

As all other myths are related more to the psychological reasons, rather than medical ones;so is this one.A general feeling of discomfort associated with occasional pain and cramps are a common thing. But it is not related to motivation. Have you ever thought, for so many working women, many a times their cycle starts when they are at work? They probably don’t even have a few minutes to themselves, so it is just a routine. It isn’t planned accordingly. It’s a regular day for them.Similarly, if you are a sportsperson, or in any other profession, or occupied in any personal chore, you will have much on your agenda to get affected or demotivated by this natural cycle.

Yes conscientiously you may avoid travel, again as you need to have access to a washroom, as you may want to clean up often; and try to make aproper arrangement and use the best options available in the market.

Women are much stronger to be deterred or affected by any such thing. So be ready to feel free, and let the pain also become a myth!

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