Fitness Centres which Violate MPD-2021 to be Sealed in Delhi

The Supreme Court - appointed monitoring committee has ordered sealing of all gyms, yoga centers and meditation centers running in residential areas. Committee members have asked MCD and DDA to seal all the fitness centers which became operational after year 2008.

Fitness Centres which Violate MPD-2021 to be Sealed in Delhi

After ordering the sealing of more than 600 shops in Rajouri Garden, the monitoring committee has now ordered sealing of all the gyms, fitness centers, yoga centers and meditation centers in Delhi. The committee has directed DDA Vice-Chairman, NDMC Chairman and commissioners of three municipal corporations to submit a compliance report October 22, 2019. They are directed to seal all such fitness centres which are presently running in violation MPD-2021. 

The members of the committee said that according to the rules of the Masterplan, any gym, yoga or meditation on mixed land use, commercial or non-notified road cannot be opened after the cut-off date of August 12, 2008. But in Delhi, there are numerous fitness centers which were made and became operational after that cut-off date. In addition to this, the MCD officers have been ordered to survey all such centers which opened after the mentioned cut-off date so that the actual numbers of these fitness centers can be ascertained.

The order states, “It is amply clear as per MPD-2021, the activity under clause 15.7.1, that is, fitness centre, is not permissible after August 12, 2008, irrespective of the status of the road.” It specified that the order to seal these centres was applicable to all commercial, mixed land use and non-notified places. The order reads, “The sealing of the offending properties should be completed by October 18, 2019, and report forwarded to the monitoring committee by October 22, 2019.”

Following the order the fitness centre / gum association in Delhi have made appeal to the monitoring committee to extend cut-off date or provide a solution because fitness centres have already sold the packages to the clients and they cannot refund the same owing to the fact the amount has been utilized in rentals and operations. Many of the fitness industry representatives have to took to social media to express their concern over this sealing and have appealed to the government to take the decision which doesn’t dent the industry with further joblessness in this industry.

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