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Fitness Becomes Work, Work Becomes Life: Rashmi Raghuwanshi

Watch Episode – 4 of Real Transformers which features Rashmi Raghuwanshi’s story of determination. She broke all the barriers to establish her dream of not only a healthy and fit body but also becoming an entrepreneur owning a fitness studio in Gurugram.

Rashmi Raghuwanshi owns a lavish fitness studio in Gurugram. Her life wasn’t always like this and took her years to ascend the ladder of success both in terms of her career and fitness goals. She aspired to pursue a career in fitness 7 to 8 years back and for that the first requirement was to make herself fit to fit into this industry. She put in a lot of effort physically but more than that it was a fight with an orthodox system which was ahead in her life.

She belongs to the holy city of Varanasi. She broke open her own belief system to move ahead and then it took time for her family to accept her this way but eventually, they not only accepted her but also supported her in her mission of life. She reminisces about the time she became an Indian traditional daughter-in-law who would use a veil to keep her head covered while living with in-laws. It is evident that this world was unknown to her family and one can only imagine how much time and understanding it would have taken to gel in to her present lifestyle.

Like most of the women in Indian households, the major challenge in front of her was to manage time between her family, her kids and her own business. Being an entrepreneur, there were unprecedented circumstances which needed her time and attention both. In face of such conditions, she somehow carried on with life but she never compromised on her fitness regimen and remained consistent throughout.

Rashmi’s biggest support system in the family are her husband and her own mother. Without her mother’s support she wouldn’t have succeeded in managing her two children. She says that she wouldn’t have left them with any maid and then her business wouldn’t have flourished. Her husband supported her at every step right from cleaning the gym floor at the basement on rainy days to supporting her in her daily life in every way possible. She insisted that no one succeeds alone and there are always people who make a person a success.

She shared her workout schedule secret and that includes not sticking to one schedule. Flexibility is the key for her. She keeps changing her exercise routine and enjoys every bit of her performance. She does variations of yoga, free full body exercises and weight training with equal time to all. In her diet also, she doesn’t depend much on fancy food and consumes basic Indian homemade food with a top up nutrition content and whey protein supplement only. She is a non-vegetarian and therefore, she has to supplement protein content. Rest of the nutrients she derives from homemade basic food. She is vigilant of the fact that she doesn’t intake sugar. To know more about her transformation journey and get inspired, watch whole of the video.

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