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Fitness - A Lifestyle or Stress for Life – by Khyati Ratan

The article is an in-depth analysis of why fitness becomes a stress for some of the people, the cause behind it and how to overcome this stress by correcting small mistakes we do daily. Mindfulness plays a great role in warding off stress and getting results.

Fitness - A Lifestyle or Stress for Life – by Khyati Ratan

In the last three decades, we all have seen a major jump in the Fitness Industry. What once used to be a Dream Body has become a way of life to many. Booming markets, World Wide connection facilitated information available at finger tips and also supplies from overseas provided with products which were not available unless you belonged to Elite Society and have travelled abroad. 

For many years till the 90s, fitness was about eating a lot of energy food including high starch, specially grown in farms and cooked in our home kitchens. The healthiest might only be post workout Banana Shake and overnight soaked Almonds. With the rising income and opening of global markets, the Food Industry found its way to enter multiple markets and digital marketing tools helped them reach every household. Cornflakes were once claimed to be one of the healthiest breakfast and these food packets from the western world soon were found at every household’s dining table. In the last 20 years, many supplement brands have entered Indian market and with the influence from Bollywood and Hollywood, everyone started experimenting on their own bodies. There are many shelves in the supermarkets only dedicated to health food or super food. Look at Oats, Quinoa brands - the products which were once hard to find are easily available everywhere and choosing healthy food is surely beneficial, why not. 

In my opinion, ‘Mindfulness’ is very important in all aspects including Fitness. Weight loss does happen from ‘Calories Deficit’, but at the same time we do require some count of minimum calories for our body maintenance. In the awe of looking good, sometimes people start starving, hence torturing the body to the level that it starts losing immunity. People doing fad diets is the best example. When your body does not get sufficient nutrients, it falls sick. First body gives indications, like some might feel a headache, low on energy, irritation, mood swings etc. that is why it is important that we listen to our body.

On the other side, there are people who are eating a lot of junk food and then cursing their bodies for not looking the way they want. Eating outside food is not only high in sodium and oil but also very expensive. Also many families still cook food in a lot of oil and also consume a lot of sugar. One needs to keep in mind that Sugar is ‘Empty Calories’ - which means it doesn't have any nutrients. Instead if you eat dates - you will get some good fibre along with the satisfying sweet tooth. In my opinion, a balanced diet is the way to enjoy long term health and one needs to make their plate as colorful as possible to get all the required nutrients. I often support my family, friends and clients by constantly reminding them to take care of their meal portion and keep hydrating by drinking a lot of water.

With a lot of information available everywhere, Fitness has become a stress for many. Suddenly everyone wants Gluten Free and Lactose Free products just because they read Page 3 full of celebrities going that way. Without understanding if your body is Gluten Intolerant or Lactose Intolerant, one joins the vegan just because it's trending. And because of these too many jargons, the person who is a beginner feels lost. Vegan, Keto, Paleo and the list goes on and on.

There are some simple fundamentals to Fitness. First is, it is important to stay happy and try to eliminate stress and negative emotions. Also that one needs to be thankful and grateful to their bodies instead of constantly judging and cursing oneself all the time. Secondly, do not believe in everything you see online. There are filters, editing and a lot of work behind the scenes to showcase perfection. By spending a lot of time checking on what others are doing, we unintentionally invite a lot of stress for ourselves. Instead spend some time trying a new workout, start some breathing practices, spend time reading good books which will uplift your spirit and also spare some time for meditation.

For any physical activity, you will only need to take out an hour everyday and rest of the day, just make sure to be mindful of what you put on your plate. Ask yourself, if it's good for you. By making these small changes, gradually you will not only eliminate stress but will also bring in experiences which will be wonderful for this lifetime. So, now is the time to bring in those changes - to eliminate stress and embrace the Healthy Choices as your Lifestyle, for Body and Mind.

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