First Triathlete to Represent India in Ultraman World Championship

His sport demands passion, determination and hardwork and he has all of these 3 things that allowed him to push the boundaries with zeal!

I am Gaurav Makkar from New Delhi. I am an Ultra Triathlete and coach. I have been associated with sports industry from the last 20 years. I pursue endurance sports as a passion. I was leading one of the largest chains of health before I started pursuing my passion. I have certifications in Triathlon coaching from Ironman University, personal training as well as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant from the America Council on Exercise, California.

Endurance sports demands passion, determination, and hard work. I have always that passion, determination and zeal and desire to push the boundaries.

I have finished two Ultra man races; the first one was in Florida and other one was in Dadar. Later I was the first Indian who represented our country in Ultra World Championship.

I have started as a runner but later on I trained for ironman and set out the target to win the race. The ironman is one of the strenuous sporting events in the world which test one’s body and mind.

I have participated in the numerous events across the globe.I became the first Indian to finish the Ultra-man World Championship.

I have completed 4 Ironman spread across continents. I have competed in Ironman’s, half Iron distance triathlons, marathons, swimmathons, and cycling races.

Basically Ironman is a triathlon which starts with swimming, biking and running. To train for Ironman championship all you need is discipline and nutrition is also an important part of it. Athletes should start dialling right nutrition especially during training whether Ironman or Ultraman competition nutrition is your make and break. So make your nutrition and hydration plan.

My running has been strongest point for me but athletes should work on all three parts- Swimming, biking, running. Out of these three sports you cannot pick any one randomly because it consists of structured workouts, training and diet.

In the starting stage my swimming part was not strong but I worked on it and later on I swam in Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and most of the seas. Swimming in pool is totally  different from swimming is a sea, first you have to learn some drills and skills then try in an open space.

My weekly training programme includes 2 to 3 weight training session’s mile to moderate depend on the periodization, 2 to 3 sessions of swimming, cycling and running. Overall my weekly workout program has 10 to 12 hours. I give my most of the time to train and activate my glutes and hamstrings.

The workout program is usually divided into three phases are foundation, build up and peak, the last one is very specific to a kind of race you’re preparing.

For workout sessions especially weight training and the right amount of nutrition both are very important for any athlete and triathlete. Athletes and triathletes should not miss the right sessions of workout because it strengths your glutes, hamstrings, upper body, legs, etc.

My ultimate goal is to prepare young athlete to perform internationally and make the country proud.

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