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Father's Day Special Feature

In Indian Fitness Industry, there are many exemplary fitness professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes and coaches who have made it to their dreams balancing a work-life balance and giving quality life to their children, their family. Bodyandstrength.com features 11 fit-father icons in this article.

Father's Day Special Feature

The crude truth about life is fatherhood, its responsibilities, its challenges, its accountability, its bliss and most of all its learnings! It is intrinsic natural trait of a woman who is biologically and psychologically conditioned in the society to be a mother. But it is not the case in most of the men. They grow with time, they are easy with responsibilities with time and people in their life, still feel pressure multi-tasking as they are most of the time focused on one goal at a time in life and that generally pertains to their career or making money or pursuing their passion.

In Indian Fitness Industry, there are many exemplary fitness professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes and coaches who have made it to their dreams balancing a work-life balance and giving quality life to their children, their family. There might have been many roadblocks in their lives, but that never budged them from their love and commitment toward their kids, especially, when it comes to making them good humans as they grow with them, looking at their fathers as role models.

Here are some of the fit-fathers who made it bodyandstrength.com’s list. Be inspired!

1. Guru Mann

Guru Mann is a legendary name in Indian fitness industry. He has made a mark in international forums, taking India to next level. He is the founder of GMSA Fitness Academy which is backed up by Govt. of India and Skill Development Council of India. He envisions a Indian health and fitness industry to bring out worthwhile solutions coming from well-skilled, trained and certified professionals, to improve the basic life-skills and health of people. People love to hear him out and are more than prepared follow him.

He has a little daughter, whom he has already introduced to a good and healthy life. He spends quality time with her unless he is not traveling alone outside US. He stays in US but his heart and work lies in India and hence, has to make frequent visits to the country to look after and supervise his work here. He has shared about his family with his fans at times and it reflects his grounded approach towards good parenting.

2. Sangram Chougule

Sangram is iconic symbol of Indian bodybuilding industry and is almost worshipped by his fans. He has earned this status with his hard work and presentation over the period of time. He still doesn’t let his schedules suffer, even if he traveling, at shows, organizing his own Sangram Classic or any other activity promoting athletes and bodybuilding industry. Clearly, his life is driven by his passion for bodybuilding at every turn.

He has support of his enterprising wife at home and is a father of two lovely children who see him exceling every day in his goals. He not only spends time with them but makes it a point to be with them whenever he can in a wholesome way, giving them his values, his companionship and guidance.

3. Ranjit Singh Ricky

He is one of the youth bodybuilding icons of India and enjoys popularity most of the upcoming athletes aim at. He has one child and we can see him with his kid and his wife in his instagram posts. It seems like his attachment to his family is like one body only. He sees his child as part of himself and hence, naturally takes up being a role model for him. Although it is difficult to manage, competing and prepping most of the times, but Ricky is nailing it as a father.

4. Guradesh Mann

He has made his name with his intellectual fervor, his hardcore workout, his strategic scientific knowledge backed training and his serious demeanor towards his passion, his sport of bodybuilding. He has set himself a league apart and has roped his family, his wife in to be a part of his way life, healthier and fitter day by day. He is a father of one child and both Mann parents are rearing the kid in the most befitting manner – talk of knowledge, talk of balance, talk of values, it is transitioning well from father to child as both grow together.

5. Yatinder Singh

If there has been one story of struggle, if there has been one success to gather, it has to be the story of Yatinder – the bodybuilder. He brings his own essence of guidance to bodybuilding industry. He is an entrepreneur, a bodybuilding icon with millions of followers but the most important accomplishment he cherishes is being a father to two lovely kids! He carries out his day tasks of dropping them to school, talking to them, playing with them, just being himself with them a human who plainly loves his family and designs his dreams around them only. He rears with fun-loving side of him and that makes him all the more adorable for his kids.

6. Suhas Khamekar

He is another Indian bodybuilding Giant icon. People are most of the times in awe of him. His accomplishments are acknowledged on national and international platforms. He is also a father to a kid and needless to say, that having a father like him, does put one in a position where one can be proud of, be inspired and a lot to learn from. More than that, it is the child who is most of the times teaching fathers like Suhas to be grounded, focused and enjoy the process of growing up!

7. Vipin Peter

Well, having one kid can prove a push for you to give more to life, how about having 3! Vipin is the proud father of 3 wonderful kids. He is a bodybuilding professional and has several titles to his credit. Despite a considerably large family, compared to general notion, he never failed to give his best to the family despite challenges. He has come this far, and he ready to make it further with his family.

8. Kumar Mannava:

He is the first Indian Master Trainer of Physique Elite and a renowned celebrity trainer. Kumar Mannava leads a spotlight career in fitness industry. He is father of 2 kids who look upto him, grow in communion with his vision. He shares a cherishing bond with them. Being a teacher and trainer, anyway bring a different paradigm to one’s personality and different approach to rearing kids too.

9. Mustafa Ahmad

He is another celebrity trainer, known well for training India’s top actors like HrithikRoshan. He has varied accomplishment to his credit apart from training celebrities. The kind of training he renders is specialized, role based and requires a different skill set than others in his league. He also works in the premises of glitz and glamor which brings guards on his family and kid. He is father of one and can be seen spending time with family in his pictures. Needless to say that he also is learning and getting trained by a child at home before training others in his professional life. Isn’t it!

10. Mangesh Gawde

He is a grounded athlete, has made his mark in the Indian Fitness Industry after constantly participating and winning several bodybuilding competitions. He is father of one child. He is balancing his life with his hi-flying career, its intrinsic struggles, its challenges and his time with his child. People like him do inspire us to make things possible by achieving the right balance.

11. Kirat Lakhyan

A very humble, grounded and dedicated bodybuilder. People like him who are good persons raise good children. He is also father one child. Needless to say that he has transitioned his values in his child and has always kept his family in sync with his own goals. We appreciate the sincere the efforts of such fitness and bodybuilding professionals who inspire the world, are rooted in their family and treasure their real wealth – their kids!

Bodyandstrength.com wishes ‘A Very Happy Father’s Day!’ to all the above super-fathers! By the way, fathers become super the day they transcend their DNA into a new life which looks like them, feels like them, acts like them and grows like them. Every day, they get a chance to get awe-struck with this magic growing in front of their eyes – ‘Oh! She is just like me!’

Enjoy fatherhood – your lifetime wealth. To all the fathers across the world – stay fit for the fittest extension of your generation.

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