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Fat Loss Special Workout Routine for a Day

If fat loss and weight loss is your target, the workout listed here will break your monotonous routine. The exercises mentioned here include equipment, crossfit moves as well as weight training. Try the combo out and pump up your day!

Fat Loss Special Workout Routine for a Day

If the regular cardio and HIIT routine has been breaking your nerve and you wish to add spice to your fat loss regimen with different yet performance oriented exercises, do not hesitate to dedicate a whole day to these fat loss centric exercises alone. They will use up your calories fast, strengthen your muscle power and tone your body when paired together.

1. Giant Set Start-Up

Frog Jumps

Frog jump is one of the effective intense exercise that works in legs, arms, core and back muscles.

Frog jump is the exercises which can simply transform your physique as it targets the upper and middle body.

Criss-Cross Jump

Criss-Cross is an exercise that targets hamstrings and quadriceps and also involves abs, calves and glutes. This exercise is perfect to tone lower body muscles and legs while increase heart rate will help in burning fat.

Don’t choose the bench with too much height keep it short.

Box/Bench Jumps

This movement tones your thighs and buttocks. It also helps in conditioning the body and build muscles.

Box / Bench Jump is an explosiveness movement. This exercise is beneficial in all the sports that involve jumping.  There are couple of things that you have to take care in performing box jump- when you jump and land that your knees don’t collapse in.

If you didn’t ever did this exercise then don’t go with too much height keep it short.

2. Water Rowing Machine Workout

Many people may wonder what makes water rowing machines a beneficial workout platform and how using water rowing machine is as effective as other exercises.

Water Rowing is a total cardiovascular workout. It can burn hundreds of calories, tightens your legs amazingly. Athletes, rowers use water rowing machine on a regular basis to build their lower and upper muscles. In fact rowing machine is a part of athletic training sessions.

Rowing machines are excellent workout solution for those who wish to make their leg day a little easier, interesting and fun. It should be a ‘must’ in your workout routine.

Heavy or jerking exercises can be replaced with water rowing machines as the users can get benefit of removing fat from the injury prone areas such as knees, heels and hips. But at the same time you have to take care of the back strain by keeping your posture aligned while rowing.

3. Thrushers

Thrushers is a combination of Military Press and Squats. It is a Crossfit and power movement which requires a lot of strength and is done by crossfitters very often. You use your lower body strength as you squat with the barbell coming down and then you rise up taking the weights overhead for a shoulder press. This workout increases your strength, builds muscles and involves whole of your body.

4. Dumbbell Push-Up (L-Sit)

This is again an advanced version of Push-Up. Here, you use vertical dumbbell to make your hands stand on it and then do a Push-Up. Immediately after the Push-Up you have to do an L-Sit and then again go back to do a Push-Up. This workout involves your core, increases your Push-Up strength and improves your strength considerably. You can do 5 sets of it with 20-25 reps each.

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