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Fat loss or Weight loss - What's Healthy?

Most of the people claim that they want to lose weight. Yet is weight loss precisely what you mean? In fact, the majority wishes to get rid of their fat NOT weight. What is the difference between losing weight and losing fat? Read further to know.

Fat loss or Weight loss - What's Healthy?

There is a conflict between fat loss and weight loss. Everyone goes through it many times. Some of us know the right way and most of us don’t. Now the question is - What to read, what to watch, what to do, where to go?

Let bodyandstrength.com help you to understand the simple logic because if only weight loss would do the job, every under-weight person would be healthy and fit but it is not.

Weight is measured easily that's why is considered more than fat loss

Weight loss is measured quite easily. A neutral weight scales will tell us our weight. From this you can see if you have lost body weight or not. Remember, the scale does not tell you if your weight is healthy or unhealthy, it doesn’t tell you where you hold weight on your body.

What are the best methods to lose fat?

To lose fat, a balanced negative energy needs to be created. You need to be consuming less calories than you expend. This is one of the most common components to lose weight and body fat. To lose body fat you have to look bulky. When people claim they want to tone up, they are referring to building muscle and losing body fat. Muscle is less energy-dense than fat. If you lose body fat, and gain muscle you will instantly look much slimmer and more toned.

Which is better - fat loss or weight loss?

Quick result diet: Most of the trendy fat loss is due to overall weight loss. That means while following the diet, a significant amount of weight loss also includes water and muscles. In reality, it is fat that is responsible for all the major health concerns and losing muscle mass can actual be bad for health. Maintaining a healthy percentage of muscle in the body can make you more toned and can decrease the risk of several chronic diseases. They can help to maintain blood sugar level in the body, reduce the risk of inflammation and diabetes and even speed up your metabolism. Losing likeability of gaining all the lost weight in the form of fat.

Things you can do

Strength training exercise:Strength training exercise can help to lose more fat and build muscle mass. It also promotes the growth of muscle mass and you get a lean physique.

Don't cut down calories suddenly: Most people while trying to lose weight, quickly follow a strict diet or cut down too many calories from their diet. This change doesn’t always suit our body and results in too much weight loss.

I’m sure that now you will know what is better for your body type - fat loss or weight loss. At bodyandstrength.com, we have plenty of articles that will guide you and resolve all the doubts on fitness that are running in your head.

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