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Fast Paced Life Needs Running! - Vijayaraghavan Venugopal

Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, Co-founder and CEO of Aeronutrix’s Fast & Up, pours insights on running which are of great importance to the new runners. Beginners face several apprehensions and difficulties in continuing. Well, here is the knowledge, which can be instrumental in giving a boost to your running journey.

Fast Paced Life Needs Running! - Vijayaraghavan Venugopal

Running is the most basic exercise when can think of to begin with. It is something that can be done anywhere. In the gym, while traveling or In daily life. Most of the times, people take up running to lose weight, to come into a routine of daily physical activity. Participating in marathons and running events, keeps them motivated to do so and they have an aim to bind them to their fitness goals. Here, I am giving a deep thought and insights acquired from years of experience as a marathoner on how running can change your life for good and what are the challenges along the way, you have to take care of.

Running is a rapidly growing sport and there are running events and marathons being organized every week in major cities. There are nearly 2000 timed events in the country. India is a huge market for health, wellness and fitness industry. This denotes the increasing health consciousness in the sub-continent. As I began, running is a very basic sport and forms a good base for your body for any other sport, which requires agility and stamina like badminton, squash, tennis and other track & field athletic sports. It gives you convenience as you can run in parks, tracks, while traveling, in the gym on treadmill, etc.

When you start running, you think of running marathons in the first place and that can be perhaps, a wrong decision to begin with. Your body needs to be trained for long distance running and what you need is to practice your runs daily and make it a journey instead of a destination. You have to gradually, increase the pace, increase the distance week by week. Once you think that your body has taken up the habit of running and you know how to safeguard yourself against possible injuries. Then comes your practice for marathons. In the beginning, you must not go for full marathons at all and start with shorter running events and running a half-marathon in a year. If you directly go for full marathons, then you are putting your body in danger!

You have to take utmost care of your nutrition and give a gap of at least 2 hours between your meal and running. You never go on a run on a full stomach at all. You have to replenish your utilized nutrients, your lost minerals with sweat daily and re-energize your body. A good warm-up and stretching session is important before your daily run. If you are new to running, you perhaps haven’t weighed the possibility of getting injured and subsequent wear and tear of your joints. The run right, wear good running gear, especially, shoes. 

Summing it up, it is a continuous process, a journey where you make progress day by day. There are other motivating perkswhich you get when you start running. You get connected to all the running communities and you learn from each other. Your socials circle expands and lifestyle overhauls. There are family get-togethers inside these communities and people of same interests (running) engage in healthy socializing.

Hence, if you have been thinking long to embrace a rewarding and healthy life, if you look forward to achieve overall fitness goals and lead a healthy life, you must not wait for tomorrow to run. To make running a part of your life forever, you must start by inculcating a habit, keeping proximity with like-minded people who are into running. Train yourself hard and take care of your nutrition. Reading about running sport helps a lot because there is no substitute to right knowledge. You are the person, who knows your body best and this consciousness helps you adjust to your new routine in the best way possible. Once you start running, you must not stop it rather in most of the cases, people cannot stop it owing to its health rewards and changes you notice in your body and personality as a whole.

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