Fan Girl meets Fitness Icon WBFF Bindiya Sharma! announced a winner of the contest on Mother’s day. Watch out the full video to know how we planned to surprise a fan with the surprising visit of her fitness icon.

Dreams come true when we have passion and zeal to pursue them. We used to hear that we cannot approach our favourite icons whether they are fitness icons or movie superstars, it’s not true! Bodyandstrength made it a reality. announced a contest on Mother’s Day. It was the first time ever when we announced a contest in which many people took part and voted for their fitness icon.

Fitness fanatic got a chance to meet her fitness icon Bindiya Sharma.

Soumya Singh is the winner of the contest in which she voted for Bindiya Sharma who is known for her killer shape and physique. She is her fitness icon.

We hope, through this contest, we successfully managed to surprise a fan and create a new platform for all the fitness lovers to meet their icons to set an example that nothing is out of reach if you keep trying!

We planned to surprise a fan girl Soumya Singh. It was an unforgettable experience for her. Soumya didn’t stop pumping her guns in the gym and following Bindiya’s workout when she met her.

We are sure that fitness lovers will find the meeting and chatting with Bindiya interesting and refreshing.

If you want to know that what happened when a fan girl met her fitness icon WBFF Bindiya Sharma. Watch out the full video.


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