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Fact File of Push Up

When we think about workout we start thinking about weight training, running, crossfit, etc. Now shift your attention to the age old very popular and effective exercise - Push up! Read further to know the invaluable benefits of it.

Fact File of Push Up

Push up is the best exercise to build the chest and shoulder muscles. Apart from keeping you fit and healthy, it builds muscles and bone strength.

This indicates that you have to incorporate them into your workout regime. It will give you enormous benefits that you have never imagined of.

It is the main exercise to build upper body muscles since ages. It targets the arms muscles- triceps, pectoral muscles and shoulders.

It is the fastest way to build your upper body muscles without any equipment, you can perform it anywhere. Consistency is the main key to perform push-up because without consistency you cannot build any muscle. You will definitely find the difference and growth in the upper body muscles if you will be constant in your workout routine.

No doubt! Mostly all the fitness freaks know about what is push-up but may be they don’t know the invaluable health benefits of it. Before incorporating push-up in your workout routine you should be aware of the fact that why you should start doing it.

If you want better results then add variations of push up in your workout. There are some variations of push up that you can add in your workout to make it more intense.

  • Plyo Clapping Push Up
  • Push Up with feet on Swiss Ball
  • Tap Push Up
  • Reverse Grip Incline Push Up
  • Weighted Push Up
  • Lateral Hand Walk Push Up
  • Spider Man Push Up
  • Decline Push Up
  • Alternating Reach Push Up
  • Shoulder Push Up
  • Decline Push Up
  • Shoulder Tap Push Up
  • Pause Push Up
  • T-Push Up
  • Wide Grip Incline Push Up
  • Single Leg Push Up
  • Close Grip Push Up

Benefits of Push Up

Increase Functional Strength: Major group of muscles such as biceps, core strength, triceps and lower body muscles also engage in push-ups and results in the stabilization of the movement of the whole body. It is a compound exercise in which you train most of the important muscles of your body.

Muscles Fiber: Many people have this question that do they work for both muscles slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. Yes it works for both muscles slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. It is great endurance exercise and build muscle mass.

Muscle Stretching: The great benefit of doing push up is that it provides good stretch to your biceps and back muscles. As you lower down yourself to the floor, your back muscles stretch effectively and as you push yourself up, your biceps muscles stretch. This improves your muscles flexibility and prevents injuries.

Improves Cardiovascular Health: As discussed earlier that push-up is a compound exercise so it engage large muscle groups which helps in delivering rich amount of oxygen to muscle tissues. It not only helps in improving and enhancing the cardiovascular health but also reduce the stored body fat.

Improves the Postures: Its proven fact that improper postures can destroy your health. One of the major reason of bad posture is weak core. Your entire should be strong to hold the shoulder and back properly and when we perform push-up in a correct way the muscles which are responsible in supporting the postures of the body are trained.

Prevent Lower Back Injuries: The supporting body part of your whole body is back, so if it’s damaged you will not be able to perform easy tasks.

It is widely performed by the fitness enthusiasts and is even included in military exercises, people who are still not doing it, should do it to get strong and massive.

Push up is the all-time favourite exercise and can be great for building muscles and strength without any expensive equipment. Integrate push-up into your workout routine to supplement other exercises.

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