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Face of Eugenics Nutrition – Rahul Bhatt

Bodyandstrength.com host Shona Rajput works out with Rahul Bhatt and weights instantly became lighter with the energy. Rahul’s patient and lighter with the energy. Rahul’s patient and strategic approach is perhaps, what sets him apart.

Rahul Bhatt’s personal side is explored when he talks about his stint in one of India’s most popular reality shows – Big Boss. He ardently talks about his journey into fitness industry so far, especially, as a fitness/celebrity trainer. He fondly remembers how Aamir Khan chose him to train him for the superhit film based on real life story of ‘Phogat Sisters’ (World Acclaimed Wrestlers from Haryana). The character transformation was very strong and noticeable in the movie and the story behind it was even more inspiring.

As Shona Rajput asks him about his likes and dislikes, with a gleam in his eyes, he says that anyone can buy him for a plate of ‘Jalebis’. The down to earth actor revealed some of the most interesting parts of his life and talked on the importance of right nutrition and supplementation when it comes to build a strong and long lasting physique. Rahul trains Shona Rajput in this episode and the art of lifting heavy is revealed by this seasoned trainer.

He went on to discuss about the brand Eugenics – supplementation, he prefers to use. The affordability, quality and a mouthful of taste; he says he gets all of them in when package. He has noticed considerable change in his physique and performance since the time he has been using this powerful protein from Eugenics. He vouches for all other products of the brand in his talks with bodyandstrength.com.

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