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Exercise because Being Lazy was Never a Choice!

This new-year beat laziness with the clever tips given in this article. Be your own guide to how to make an exercise schedule and stick to it throughout your life. Make this year, a turning point for your fitness goals – be it losing weight, gaining muscle, building stamina or improving overall health!

Exercise because Being Lazy was Never a Choice!

It is time to check facts for those who start an exercise program and then leave it mid-way, within 3 months or sometimes 6 months. There is only one reason to it – laziness. We have evolved in such a way that our bodies tend to avoid unnecessary exertion. So if you need to take up exercise as a lifestyle, you have to overcome this innate instinct inside yourselves.

The good news is that in recent years, the busy field of exercise psychology has brought forth a number of effective tricks to help us in this process. Here are few of them.

1. Choose your exercise yourself

Many beginners do the mistake of letting their personal trainer, their exercise facility or gym choose their primary form of exercise for them. When you are beginning, try and begin with some activity which you love to do, which you look forward to and which you are comfortable doing daily according to your body’s condition. Once you get yourself in the habit of exercising daily start switching gradually to customized workout program. You have many forms of interesting exercise activities to choose from if you are beginning now – walking, running, tennis, yoga, bicycling, swimming, basketball, and the list goes on. Enjoy a mix of these activities or pick up one activity, and stick to it!

2. No-time for exercise. Really?

Another important adherence trick is scheduling. Lack of time is the number one cited reason for failure. Instead of waking up early for intentional exercise, pick up an activity which interests you and then schedule a time for it a day in advance. On that time you won’t commit yourself to any other work, you won’t give that time to anyone else other than yourself. That one hour will be purely yours to perform your choice of exercise or physical activity which gives your body the required pump for the day. For making time consider the following tips:

  1. You must make time by cutting off time from other unimportant activities like watching television, browsing phone aimlessly.
  2. It is better to move closer to your workplace so that you cut commuting time to your office and save for your exercise.
  3. Stay active whole day even after exercising, choose physical activity over leisure like avoid elevators, walk on-foot for daily grocery.
  4. Buy a home equipment like stepper or treadmill to help you exercise quickly whenever you have got time in the day while staying at home.
  5. Sleep at least 30 minutes earlier in the night so that you wake up earlier and use that those 30 minutes to exercise in the morning.
  6. Keep moving even in lunch breaks, practice on-seat yoga at workplace to keep your posture in place.
  7. If you have not got any equipment at home, apart from exercising choose an activity which you can do anytime, anywhere even while traveling like jogging.

The bottom-line is to move your body towards fitness, being active whole day, eating right food which gives you nutrition – here, also you have to choose wisely. Gather knowledge on nutrition and there are always fruits, juices, curds, yogurts, cottage cheese, eggs and salads of different types available for healthy snacking even when you are traveling. So, it is time to put your excuses in the bin and get yourself a healthy and fit lifestyle because it is a necessity and need of your body for forever. Being lazy is not choice, was never a choice.

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