Exclusive Interview with Thakur Anoop Singh

Thakur Anoop Singh’s thoughtful take on his passions, his contribution to the fitness industry, avoiding injuries and role of good nutrition in fitness. The interview is a post-cursor to ‘A Day in Life of Thakur Anoop Singh’. Don’t miss out the way he puts his point across in the video. A must watch!

Thakur Anoop Singh answers all the questions popping in your mind in one go! This interview session is a post-cursor to ‘A Day in Life of  Thakur Anoop Singh’ relayed at bodyandstrength.com a few days ago. He is indeed an impactful motivational speaker apart from being an actor, singer, entrepreneur and bodybuilder. He says that 5 years down in the line he sees himself being successful in all the passions he is taking up now and all the passions he will develop in the way will be known to the world in the due course of time. He sees his contribution to the fitness industry as an influencer who guides people in the right direction and not just be there for gaining fan following.

He has helped out people in coming out of their bad habits, depression and preparing for stage posing. He is strongly against smoking and drinking and advocates the same to his followers. He says that if he is able to make even one person come out of his or her bad habits and lead a healthy life, he is already contributing and doing his job well. He says that nutrition has in fact, most of the role in keeping you fit or reaching your fitness goal. You cannot lose weight, while having all the junk food. You have to disciplined in taking 5 good nutritive meals a day, putting a full-stop of to all the harmful junk you intake. No matter how much of hard work you put in, in the gym or running, if you are not taking appropriate nutrition, you won’t land up anywhere.

He also, emphasized that you must train under an able trainer or coach to avoid injuries and use belts while squatting. He also said that as long as your form is perfect, you won’t encounter injury, but the moment your body loses its form, you will be susceptible to it. Hence, it is always better to lift weights under able guidance.

In a nutshell, Thakur Anoop Singh is one of those people, who are gifted with an insight to guide people with an optimistic approach, in the right direction, one of those influencers who one decide to help someone, think from your perspective and not theirs. We are all ears Anoop!

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