Episode 4: Making of An IFBB Pro – The Series Junaid Kaliwala

Who doesn’t know Junaid Kaliwala? He has been the first IFBB Pro in India and ever since then, he has participated and won in international competitions. He is a constant in the Physique championships across the globe lately. What made his IFBB Pro feat possible in the first place? Know him more closely in this Episode – 4 of Making of An IFBB Pro – The Series.

IFBB Pro Junaid Kaliwala has been a role model to many. He has been guiding young athletes through his inputs online and offline. He has been participating in international championships and represented India on global platforms in Physique category. He has won several accolades to his credit. Here, he goes candid with what makes him a winner – competition or no competition.

Being an IFBB Pro, everyone’s expectations shoot up and people look forward to more exalting victories from an athlete, we asked him whether people’s expectations weigh him down or is there a pressure to prove yourself every time he competes. He smiles and replies, people’s expectations most of the times, keep him motivated and make him put in his best instead of pushing him down. This is something very normal for any performer and he would like to have people’s wishes and expectations with him always.

After winning or competing most of people tend to overeat and just binge, he also used to do it in the first place but soon he realized that being in shape has to be a lifestyle and he cannot play with his body, the way he likes every time. So he started following a diet of 6 nutritious meals per for the whole year and there are hardly any cheat meal times for him because he knows it costs him his fitness goals in the long run and once, the binging starts, it is difficult to keep things in place.

He advices every aspiring athlete to be the best version of themselves and do not look at others. It is good to be inspired, he also gets inspired by people who have best of the physiques. But if you concentrate on just improving yourself with each passing day, may be the best version of you comes out to be even better than best version of him! He encourages people taking up bodybuilding and physique championship sports to go ahead without losing focus. Get the best of the trainer for yourself, who understands your body and can get the best out of you. Because training is an essential part of prep apart from nutrition.

He worked hard to make it to the top and win the coveted title of an IFBB Pro. He was the first one to take on this path breaking victory in India and hence, it has become even difficult for him to withstand the test of time, people’s expectations and his own aspirations. Gladly, he overcame everything in his stride. People who wish to do it better than him, he gives them all thumbs up and wishes them all the best in the sporting spirit, which is rare to be seen these days.

To know more about Junaid Kaliwala and gain first-hand information, get a peek into his fitness journey, watch the 4th and the final episode of Making of An IFBB Pro – The Series only at bodyandstrength.com. 

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    raj Singh

    Incorrect information. Bhuwan Chauhan is the 1st Indian IFBB pro - Men's Physique, he won his pro card a week before Junaid Kaliwala, and yes , he is an Indian passport holder and Indian citizen.

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