Episode – 3 with Actor Zaheer Iqbal

Rakesh Udiyar here trains popular actor Zaheer Iqbal , known for his role in the movie ‘Notebook’. It was an experience to see him train under one of the most able celebrity trainers in this episode. Watch the episode to know how movie actors and leads get trained for a screen ready physique!

The episode opens on a cheerful note by Rakesh Udiyar where he talks about how he is going to train Zaheer for the day. He introduces Zaheer Iqbal in a very fond manner and starts with functional movement training or functional training. The highlight of this type of workout is that it can be done without weights and bodyweight gives a challenge here.

It was evident from the training format that all exercises were compound exercises and came packed with the benefits of cardio and weight-training together! The most amazing part was that Zaheer Iqbal  pulled it off like a pro and that too without any breaks. The training involved functional movements like pull-ups and burpees combined, shoulder press with kettlebells combined with squats and suspension workout for the core, biceps and chest. All the workouts were done in a row with around 10 reps each and then the whole cycle was repeated five times!

The training was sure a tough one as it required concentration, balance, correct form and agility along with applying power! The functional training was surely distinct, interesting and is capable of bearing results fast because of its quick wrap up as seen in the episode. Zaheer was seen grabbing a water bottle when Rakesh emphasized on keeping yourself hydrated, especially, when doing such an intense workout.

To know how you can also get that body into shape, training whole of your body together, do not miss out on this episode of Train with Rakesh Udiyar!

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