Episode 2: Bodybuilding Athletes

The series – Train with Rakesh Udiyar, Episode – 2 unravels the basic difference between physique athlete and bodybuilding athlete body types. Training for them hence, is a little different, nutrition too differs accordingly. Watch Rakesh as he trains Yash, a physique athlete and Wahid, a bodybuilder in this episode.

The episodes opens with Rakesh’s note on how a physique athlete is different from a bodybuilder. He lets you know that a physique athlete carves a lean body with prominent muscles, broad shoulders and V-torso which narrows down at the waist. He has Yash, physique athlete training under him and he trains him with chest workouts.

On the other hand, he has Wahid Bamboowala with him whom he trains for a bulkier body with massive muscles. That is the kind of body a hard core bodybuilder usually has. Wahid has trained under Rakesh Udiyar and has brought several laurels by performing on the international stage. Hence, do not miss out a chance when Rakesh trains champions so that you can catch a glimpse of how winning bodies are made under able guidance.

Each of Rakesh Udiyar’s episode focuses upon a different sport, different purpose driven bodies. Therefore, it is interesting to note how you bring variation to your workouts to accentuate your focused area. According to Rakesh, no two bodies can be trained in the same manner, especially, when they belong to different sport and different field of work. He changes his strategy of training according to requirement of that particular sport.

Most of the athletes have this confusion on how to train when you are doing the same exercises and competing for different categories. Rakesh’s insights covered in this episode will definitely clear the path for those athletes. Watch the episode to know more.

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