Engineering Student with Spine Injury - An Astonishing Transformation!

At a young age, it is rare people demonstrate consistency and conviction towards one goal. But Akshat Mathur exemplifies dedication. Here, he lets you know his priorities and how he defeated a spine injury to transform himself.

Engineering Student with Spine Injury - An Astonishing Transformation!

I am a college student who lives in hostel so I basically stay busy with classes and my online training work, my meal preparations and my training.

I am Akshat Mathur, a 21-year-old from Ajmer city. I have been training for more than 8 years now. I am a certified nutritionist from ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and am also pursuing B.Tech from LNMIIT College Jaipur and live in a hostel. I am an online trainer and fitness influencer.

I am a certified nutritionist from ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and by far trained more than 700 clients. I am also an influencer for Muscle Blaze and many more companies.

I have faced many difficulties, one of them was a spine compression fracture 3 years back. I was on bed rest for 4-5 months but I never gave up on my dreams. I was motivated to come back stronger and I proved it. That was the time when I got super-serious about my life and fitness. That accident in turn, motivated me more to push again and prove everyone wrong who said “Now, you can’t workout anymore!”

I give priority to my workout and diet. After ensuring that they don’t get compromised, I do anything else. If I have to wake up extra 2 hours even then I never skip my workout or my diet.

I was an ectomorph with thin body structure and was underweight. I was basketball player too. So, I wanted to improve my game and strength. Hence, I decided to join gym at the age of 13 in my city (Ajmer). Everyone was against this decision because of many misconceptions that Indians have. But I still started working out. I started in an old school gym and watching all those posters of Arnold, Dorian, Ronnie, Jay, etc. I was too much motivated to look like them so I pushed myself and started doing strength training and got first book ‘Arnold encyclopaedia of bodybuilding’ to read which motivated me to become a part of this industry.

Basic workout plan I followed was single muscle workout and core training circuits. I never used to do too much of cardio but a basic workout I would like to share.

As for my diet, this is my basic plan - I take 5 meals in a day. These include 25-30 grams of protein in each meal and carbs cycling, taking 90-110 gram fats a day. 

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