Emerging Fitness Tiger: Rahul Ganguly

Who told you that we cannot pursue our passion with studies! He broke the stereotype by living his dreams!

Emerging Fitness Tiger: Rahul Ganguly

I am Rahul Ganguly a 22 year-old from Kolkata. I am in the final year of my Chartered Accountancy course. Bodybuilding and Fitness have always been my passion, thanks to my dad who pushed me into gym and to my mentor Mithun Saha for having inspired me to face the challenges.

I have started competing from 2019 onwards in Men’s physique division. I admire this category because of the look and beauty that it brings.

The integral part of my lifestyle is to maintain my physique which should be lean throughout the year. I am not talking about the contest shape but something which looks good. So there is never an off season or on season for me. Off season is an excuse to be out of the shape for many athletes but not for me. I try to maintain my physique throughout the year.

I injured myself on shoulder press on September 2017 while I was preparing for my first show at FIT EXPO in Kolkata. The injury was worse than I thought. I had three shoulder tears and a hanging labrum muscle on left side. I had to sit out for 8 months with no hope of returning to training.

I could not even do basic squats because a slight movement in my shoulder would be nightmares for me. I slowly returned to training on April2018 starting with 1kg dumbbell. That time I had become very fat and was I had no hope of competing. My trainer was not in the city during this difficult phase of mine, he came back on may and inspired me at every step, and promised me that he would help me to prepare for competition. These 6-7 months were very difficult to keep myself motivated.

I didn’t know how I would go to do that but my passion and determination for the bodybuilding helped me to keep going and by January I was ready to compete. That was a quite difficult phase for me but I never gave up on my dreams.

Planning ahead has always been a part of my life since my school days whether it’s studies or bodybuilding. I do cardio in the morning and evening for weight training in between the days, the entire day is devoted to tuitions, sometimes cooking and studies and on some days going out with friends which is quite rare. Entire workout routine for the next day is planned one night before.

My mom has been instrumental in looking after my diet without her support it wouldn’t have possible.


  • All Bengal Amateur Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique Championship-overall Championship
  • Senior Mr Bengal (IBBF) – Runner Up
  • Mr Asia 2019 (NBBUI) – 2nd Runner Up


Basic Workout Routine:

Monday Chest
Tuesday Back
Wednesday Arms
Thursday Abs and HIIT
Friday Legs
Saturday Shoulder
Sunday Abs and HIIT

Basic Diet

Meal 1 2 Whole Egg 6 White Egg and 80gm Oats, Almonds (10-15)
Meal 2 150gm Rice and 250gm Chicken
Meal 3 Sweet Potato and 200gm Chicken
Meal 4 (Pre Workout) 50gm Oats, Coffee, 1 Scoop whey protein powder
Meal 5 (Post) 45gm Whey, 100gm Banana
Meal 6 Cottage Cheese

Recently, I have started a YouTube channel- Emerging Fitness Tigers, do follow and subscribe.

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