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Earn The Sweat Equity By Embracing A Regular Fitness Regime to Beat Pandemic

Pursue fitness to beat pandemic to improve mobility with no or limited equipment through 5 simple home workouts.

Earn The Sweat Equity By Embracing A Regular Fitness Regime to Beat Pandemic

Healthy living has garnered massive significance all across the world amidst a long-standing pandemic that refuses to die down anytime sooner. Maintaining a consistent routine comprising of apt physical fitness goes a long way when it comes to improving overall immunity. Right from improving respiratory health to cardiovascular, from improving blood sugar regulation to eliminating prescription medications, a regular fitness regime plays a pivotal role in strengthening immune system health. Finding time amidst pandemic may appear challenging for many due to the increased workload of professional work and household chores. In this scenario, the following 5 exercises can help you stay healthy while avoiding severe complications due to Covid-19. 


You need not bother about the fact whether you have a gym at home or no to leverage the benefits of a hassle-free workout in the form of Squats. To perform squats, neither you require any exclusive equipment nor do you require any exclusive space. This dynamic exercise strengthens core muscles that play a pivotal role in powering everyday tasks encompassing climbing stairs, walking, carrying heavy loads, bending and more. If you have strong core muscles, it eases back pain while enabling you to improve your body balance. Integrating Squats in your everyday workout routine also helps you strengthen your bones, ligaments, tendons and beyond thereby reducing the injury risk. 

One Leg Stand

Neurological issues do impact balance. One-leg stand is one such easy workout that plays a pivotal role in strengthening the lower extremities, hips and a few core muscles. One-leg stand imparts a multitude of mental and physical benefits to help your body reach a calm cardiovascular and physical state.

Wall Sit

The wall sit is a simple exercise in nature but that does not make it entitled to be taken for granted. To perform this exercise you need to hold yourself in a position that is seated for a specific amount of time depending on your pain threshold, hamstrings, quads, glutes and more. This simple yet effective workout is competent in strengthening your entire lower body while increasing overall flexibility.

Neck Rotations

Amidst the stressful professional and household work, it is the neck that experiences the worst hit leading to pain and soreness in neck muscles that further extends to the back and shoulder. To avoid the same, simply rotate your neck 10-15 times a day clockwise and anti-clockwise. Neck rotations release stiffness, tension and tightness of neck muscles and tissues thereby reducing pain while increasing flexibility. 

Push ups

Push-up plays important role in maintaining the upper body. Simply by lowering and raising your body along with bending arms and straightening, you can yield incredible health benefits. Pushups strengthen the shoulders, triceps, chest, back muscles and more.

The Bottom Line

The key to remaining physically and mentally fit amidst pandemic is, to begin with, your beginner workout routine. In no time, you will find yourself on your way to master the advanced fitness routine. Indeed, according to the varied studies, barely 20 minutes of the physical regime including aerobic exercise resulted in mood improvements. What could be the better way to keep prescriptions away than committing yourself to a consistent fitness regime to maximize your immunity?

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