Dr. Vishal Pritmani's amazing transformation from fat to fit

Dr. Vishal Pritmani’s transformation story will inspire people who want to become fit. Inspite of his busy schedule, he keeps himself fit and healthy by exercising regularly and maintaining a proper diet.

Dr. Vishal Pritmani's amazing transformation from fat to fit

As a student of a dental college, Vishal was obese. His diet was horrific. His busy schedule and workloads had created an environment where he used to binge on whatever was available easy and junk. A noteworthy remark that he makes about himself is that he has never been ashamed or under confident in his life, even when he pulled off a 130kg on him. He further says that sometimes it’s our own family relatives who can be our challengers.

He was body shamed by one of his close family relative, who told him that he could never lose weight in life and commented “you freaking fat the entire universe may rotate reverse but you will remain the same”. So, according to him, in order to save the universe from the adverse effects of reverse rotation, he decided to become the saviour, and there began his journey. This was enough motivation for him to lose weight. He was inspired enough to lose 50kgs, i.e. from 130kgs to 80kgs, in a duration of just 18 months. He realised the importance of a balanced and healthy diet and believes that, we are what we eat.

That’s the reason, now 29 years old, Dr. Vishal, residing in Mumbai, insists that there has to be a perfect balance in our protein, carbohydrate and fats with essential minerals and right amount of water to keep our system working.

Here he shares his basic workout regime:

  1. Weight training 4-5 times a week with functional/mma/cardio activities 3-times a week. Hard work is the key and consistency is the password.
  2. With guided assistance of my personal trainer Nitesh Amin I keep making changes in my workout every 4-5 weeks. This includes every muscle group taken separately and sometimes where we club in certain muscles to make it a circuit workout.
  3. Squats and Deadlifts being the core of any workout with body weight push ups and old school pullups all working in towards perfect muscle maturity.

Here, he shares his basic diet:

If you ask me, I would say a diet is something which you can follow for a short period of time to a couple of weeks. But the axel to our wheel is a healthy lifestyle. You have to, at the end of the day follow a sustainable lifestyle. Now a days, there is trend of going on a Ketogenic diet, which I again believe is a bit faster way of fat loss if you follow appropriately without overdoing it. But consuming so high amount of fats for a longer period of time can be detrimental to the heart. So, I believe that a diet can be followed for a few weeks, but it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with right proportions of carbs, proteins, fats and water. My carb sources include white rice/ oatmeal/ poha/ millet flour. Protein for me remains eggs and chicken and healthy fat includes almonds and other assorted nuts/ flaxseed and pumpkin seeds.

With regards to time management to stay fit, Dr. Vishal says “We all have limited time and our life depends on how we manage our time. In spite of a busy schedule, with two operating sessions in a day, I make time during the afternoons or early mornings and sometimes even post work for myself. That is the moment, rather the best part of my day, where I spend time to make myself stronger and healthier. So, it’s just a win-win situation!”

In his message, Dr. Vishal states:

“You can’t stop making yourself stronger and better!! Don’t change for anyone, be the change yourself. Yes, off course my motive is always to inspire others. There are so many Vishals out there who gave up on their health, may be for education, career or no matter what. At the end of the day, the only person you can count on is yourself. Being fat is not a curse. There is no shame or taboo about being fat. But many people still have that kind of mentality. Just be fit, a stage where you feel good internally as well as externally”.

He gives a very good advice and says, “If I Can, Anyone Can. It’s a difficult path, but it’s a beautiful journey where you will see yourself grow and at the same time be an inspiration to many. Just follow simple rules:

  • 60% is what we eat, our diet
  • 30% a mandatory physical activity
  • 10% rest and no unnecessary stress

Watch what you eat. Any physical activity might be helpful. Just start with a simple walk or prefer steps over lift and don’t take unnecessary stress. At the end of the day, life will go on and you just need to give it time”.

Dr. Vishal also shares his fitness mantra: “Motivation, Encouragement and Believe in Yourself”

You face biggest hurdle, when you have lot of weight to lose. These are plateau phases, when you get stuck to one particular weight for a longer time. It happened with me after every 6kg to 7kg loss and I’d be stuck on a plateau phase. What I did, was just a change in my activity and diet regime and that’s the trick. Don’t make your body used to one thing. A slight change does the magic. Trust me it works”.

Dr. Vishal’s immediate family and his personal trainer, have been the Midas Golden Touch to his journey! And yes, the universe still rotates the way it did, but he ain’t the same.

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