Dr Seema Rao: India's first and only Commando Trainer

This news feature makes you meet Dr Seema Rao. Her credentials in combat training will leave you in awe of her!

Dr Seema Rao: India's first and only Commando Trainer

When we come across the word ‘commando trainer’, it triggers our brain to think only about a male trainer but we don’t necessarily bat an eye about ‘females’ as we think that only men are assigned to do a specific task. For so long,’ commando trainer jobs’ were only meant for men as they were highly-involved in doing heavy-duty tasks while women were kept away from doing such jobs.

However, trainers like Dr Seema Rao is changing the way people think and makes us want to realise that a woman can succeed with elan in the male-dominated society. Dr Seema Rao can proudly say that she is India’s first and only female commando trainer.

She is 47 years old and is running a program to train women and girls in self-defence. She states that it is need of the hour. She trains commandos and army officials in one to one combat. Clearly she is an expert in her field and aims at contributing to it. She defies age and circumstances to lead by example. Fitness is one of the basic factors behind these combat skills. We wish her all the best in her mission!

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