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Dr. Neelam Jindal's Age-Defying Transformation Story – Episode 2

It is often said that it is very difficult to lose weight after a certain age and age more than often becomes a mental barrier to start a rewarding fitness journey. 47-year-old Dr. Neelam broke those barriers and here, she shares her wonderful transformation with all of us in this episode of Real Life Transformers.

Dr. Neelam Jindal addresses the audience in the video with a jovial introduction as she proceeds to tell about how she did the near to impossible task of losing a massive 38 kg of weight! She is based out of the beautiful city of Chandigarh. She is qualified dentist and she when she started her fitness journey, she never knew that this would become her passion instead.

As she reached her fitness goals, she became more focused and decided to quit her flourishing career of a dentist to become a qualified fitness trainer. Her passion for fitness brought her a long way and changed not only her lifestyle but whole of her life. When she started off on her transformation journey, she didn’t know anything about her macros, her body type. Gradually, she gained knowledge and then there was no looking back. Now, she is gym manager in one of the progressive gyms of the city. Many people look up to her for advice, they follow her workout routine and consider her as an inspiration.

Her story began when she was 96 kg and she didn’t even know how to calculate her macros, how to eat sensibly, and ate anything which came her way. The mindless eating, sedentary job in the profession of dentistry, all had piled up on her existence. Gradually, she started feeling low about herself and ran low on self-love because she was not at all happy with the way she looked. Apart from looks, excessive weight was creating a problem with her stamina and performance in day to day chores. She anyway, had to do something about this and bring her life on the track.

Her nerve for transformation was triggered when a 21 years old girl called her ‘aunty’! She was shocked and this was the time that she take up this transformation journey, her fitness seriously and claim her happiness with herself back with consistent hardwork and on going process of gaining knowledge.

She considers it a success and an achievement that many people now idolize her, many magazines and newspapers have featured her, she has also been conferred with the title of Ms. Wellness India 2020 and has also she feels honored to be the Best Center Manager 12 times in a row by the gym chain for which she works.

The biggest challenge which she faced was the doubts put up by the world. She started her fitness journey 15 years back, there were not much of women going to the gym. Women will either walk of take up dance classes. It was very difficult for her to tell people what she is doing and why she is doing. Acceptance and awareness regarding the gym going women was lacking in the society but she put all the hurdles aside and excelled towards her goal without feeling intimidated. She changed her lifestyle altogether forever and now, where she is, she is contented and is rewarded with a good body, good self-confidence and good health. Watch full episode to know more about this powerful woman and her journey!

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