Doctor who Became a Bodybuilder!

You cannot imagine shuttling between hospital, clinic and workout routines being a practicing doctor. It is very difficult but Dr. Hitanshu Sharma made it sound normal. He is now determined to help youngsters in getting out of drug abuse in bodybuilding. Read further to know his story.

Doctor who Became a Bodybuilder!

Hitanshu holds an MBBS degree from prestigious university of India and is currently a practicing doctor in Delhi and is very passionate about bodybuilding.

He came into limelight after an episode for one of the popular YouTube shows, where he discussed problems faced by newcomers in the fitness industry, drug abuse cases seen and treated by him regarding the same. After which he was approached by many youngsters, even from abroad.

Being a doctor he has an in-depth knowledge of bodybuilding, exercise variations, diet, rest and sleep cycles performance enhancing drugs and supplements.

Dr. Hitanshu Sharma, has worked in various prestigious government medical colleges and Hospitals such as All India Institute of medical sciences (AIIMS), Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Hindu Rao Hospital, New Delhi. There he encountered many cases of performance enhancing drugs abuse.Currently, he is a private practicing doctor in New Delhi and a freelance fitness writer for

He is 25 years old, one of the youngest doctors and has an experience of more than four years in bodybuilding.He currently aims at amalgamating medical science with sports science.

He guides, encourages and educates people regarding the benefits of natural, drug-free benefits of bodybuilding.

During his college days, he decided to workout and transform his body and take it to another level just by natural methods and natural diet.He balances his life between his hospital, clinic and workout routines. He is very keen to educate youngsters and motivate them.

Due to his hectic schedules, he follows three day split or five days workout routine. He consumes five meals a day and has special diet modifications for the newcomers according to their body and physical needs. He includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibres in each of his diet.

The most challenging part during his entire fitness journey was breaking the plateau phase through natural methods only.He encourages bodybuilding without use of steroids and useless pocket unfriendly supplements.

According to him, hard work channelized in a proper direction and consistency is the only key for a healthy, strong and good physique.

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