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Do Kettlebells Burn Belly Fat?

How can you easily reduce your belly fat and get the shape you want by doing Turkish get up, clean up press and Kettlebell swing exercise? This article clears it all!

Do Kettlebells Burn Belly Fat?

How can you easily reduce your belly fat and get the shape you want by doing Turkish get up, clean up press and Kettlebell swing exercise? This article clears it all!

Kettlebells exercises are great for an intense full-body workout to build strength and tone muscles, lose weight and burn belly fat, including calories. In order to shed fat, strive to exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and reduce calories intake so that you burn more calories than you intake.

Advantages of kettlebells

Kettlebells exercises can help you target multiple muscle groups at once while building core stability, balance and muscle coordination. To lose weight, including belly fat, you should practice a variety of kettlebell exercises to target all your major muscle groups like pectorals, quadriceps, deltoids, glutes, trapezius and abdominals at least twice per week on non-consecutive days. For best result, do at least three different kettlebells exercises per muscle groups, eight to 10 reps and two to three sets of each exercise.

1.Turkish get-up

The first name is Turkish get up. This is a great kettlebell exercise for weight loss that combines aspects of a sit up, glute bridge, windmill and lunge. Almost every muscle in the body is worked, making this exercise invaluable in your road to a flat stomach.


Push through the heel of your front foot to bring you up to a standing position.

Stay as upright as possible to avoid the Kettlebells falling away from vertical.

Keep your belly button tucked to maintain core stability.

You have completed half of the Turkish get up. You now need to repeat the steps backward to return to the original position.

Slide through

Keeping your hips high, slide your straight leg underneath your body and into a kneeling position.

In this position, your front leg and back leg create an almost T position. This is perfectly fine and can be adjusted after the next movement pattern. 


Sit back slightly towards your heel, and use your core to control yourself up to a lunge position. Again, keep your eyes on the bell.

Make sure you are using your core for this component, and not replying on momentum from a push with your hand.

Now you are in this position, you can adjust the positioning so your front leg and back leg align.

  1. Clean & press

The second exercise that make the cut is the clean and press. Another awesome full body movement that involves a push with the legs as well as a push and pull with the upper body. Pushing the Kettlebells above your head requires a great amount of core stability and focus. It ticks all the boxes and therefore should always be a staple in any Kettlebell workout for weight loss.

Begin with a hip-width stance and the Kettlebell mid-foot.

Hold the handle on the top and engage your lats by pulling your shoulder back and down.

Keep your arms straight, as the initial movement comes from the legs.

Explosively push into the floor with your heels to begin the movement, before pulling vertically with your upper body. The power generated should bring the Kettlebell up to chest height where you can then catch the sides of the handle.

Keep the belly button tucked to engage your core, avoiding leaning back excessively.

  1. Kettlebell swings

The last exercise the Kettlebell swing. The king of posterior strength, working the hamstring, glutes and lower back as well as incorporating the abs, shoulders and lats for stability. The swing also has an incredible cardiovascular effect making it the perfect kettlebell exercise for weight-loss.

The Kettlebell swing is a hinge movement and not a squat. Think about pushing your hip back and reaching behind you feel a stretch in your hamstring.

Maintain tightness in your upper back by pulling the shoulder back and down.

Keep the handle above knee height as you swing back swinging too low to the ground can put unnecessary pressure on your lower back.

By doing this exercise, you can easily reduce your belly fat.

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