Diwali Wishes from Bodyandstrength.com!

If you are healthy, have loved ones in life, have a home and capacity to buy gifts – you are rich. You are granted this richness to grant and give even further. Use this occasion to spread your light in others’ lives!

Diwali, that time of the year when everyone is in a spirited and jovial state of mind. The season has its own fragrance in the air. The hearts are filled with warmth and homes are filled with festivity. People wish to meet and greet their loved ones, all their acquaintances and known people. We are in the mood of celebration and enjoyment whether it is in the form of rituals at home or parties outside. The life throngs itself with everything bright, colorful and of course, delicious. But Diwali comes for everyone, whether it is a roadside vendor or blind orphanage.

Hence, a real Diwali is a Diwali which is shared with all alike and we make sure to spread smiles on the face of the people who are not so fortunate in terms of material, money and relationship. Small things like buying earthen lamps from potters or blind-school children, gifts from artisans, and of course, gifting to old-age home people makes the difference which you would never experience playing cards! Believe us! You will realize the richness you are blessed with and will thank Almighty instead of asking more because ‘more’ never ends, if you do the good ‘more’ always follows; it is just that you won’t be asking for anything after celebrating a meaningful Diwali and spreading light among souls which walk the earth with you!

Bodyandstrength.com wishes you a very happy and prosperous Diwali! Have a Healthiest, Happiest, Brightest and Meaningful One!

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