Discouragement didn't Stop Bodybuilder Sumit Banerjee!

Sumit Banerjee’s athlete coverage lets you take notice of how to overpower demotivation with your passion. Read more to know his story and schedule!

Discouragement didn't Stop Bodybuilder Sumit Banerjee!

I am, Sumit Banerjee, a 35-year-old from Kolkata. I am a certified Physique Transformation Specialist and a Contest Prep Coach.

The lifestyle of a bodybuilder basically depends on discipline. In bodybuilding lifestyle, you cannot go to the gym everyday and then expect to come out as huge as a professional. It needs lots of patience and sacrifice. You have to follow the diet very religiously along with workout on a regular basis. Then only you can achieve your goal. I also follow the same principles in my daily lifestyle.

I have a team of athletes named “Team Ripped” who participates in various competitions across the nation. And this year on 12th & 13th January we’ve launched our own championship - named “Team Ripped Classic”.

My elder brother used to go to gym and initially he was my inspiration. Like every young boy, I too wanted to have a physique like Salman Khan and ofcourse, he’s my favourite Bollywood superstar. Back in those days, that was my goal. I was a full time IT guy working with one of the major French company. January 2011, I joined my office gym and started working out. One day the trainer showed me a pic of his student (bodybuilder) and I got impressed with his physique and asked the trainer to make me like him and he replied very badly and said that “bodybuilding is not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s not at all possible for me to be a bodybuilder. Being a trainer he should have encouraged me rather than discouraging my goal.” That day, I decided to transform my physique on my own keeping a target of competing in upcoming bodybuilding championships.

At the age of 20, I got a major heart attack. My doctor specifically asked me not to go to the gym. But inspite of this health condition, I never gave up on bodybuilding. Because of my positivity, hardwork and willpower, I have reached this level.

Training is the one and only oxygen of my life and to create more athletes, is my bread and butter. Gym is everything for me. So I always love to stay in the gym. Time management is one of the major factors in every field and with this there has to be a plan. I always make sure to have a proper plan and make my schedule in such a way so that I don’t miss anything which is related to fitness.

Basic workout schedule

For my last prep, I consulted with my coach - Harry Sandhu Sir for changing my workout time completely. I used to start my sessions from 12:00am with 1 hour cardio session followed by strength and core training. My day 1 started with chest followed by back, biceps, triceps, shoulder & legs.

Basic diet

My diet is planned by my coach and mentor - Harry Sandhu Sir. I generally have 5-6 meals a day, 3 Chicken / Fish meals along with green veggies & rest of the meals with Rice.


  • Senior Mr INDIA 2017 Men’s Physique Overall Champion IBBF
  • 6th place in Dennis James Classic Germany in 2018
  • 6th place in Mr. Asia in the year 2017
  • 4 times Mr Bengal Overall Champion
  • Kolkata Shree Overall Champion
  • 1st ever sponsored athlete from Kolkata - West Bengal
  • 1st person to introduce Men’s Physique and Fitness Model in Kolkata - West Bengal.

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