Diet and Food Trends in 2021 - By Jinnie Gogia Chugh

This article gives you an insight on how healthy and clean diet has become a trend in present scenario when health has acquired the front seat in our lives due to pandemic. Healthy diet is the potion to gain desired strength, immunity and to hit your fitness goals, writes Jinnie Gogia Chugh.

Diet and Food Trends in 2021 - By Jinnie Gogia Chugh

Trends constantly evolve, like any other thing in this world. The year that was – 2020, it definitely turned our interest towards WELLNESS and FITNESS making them our major concerns. So, foods that are for wellness and health are definitely going to be more popular this year.

A few trends that shall be popular are:

Plast based diet

With the many arguments towards saving the climate, the benefits of going green, the fact remains that it is a personal choice, to follow a plant-based diet or not. There are many arguments around the nutrition that a plant-based diet can offer, and there are varied opinions too. However, it largely is a choice.

Avoiding red meats

While a few red meats would do excellent when paired with certain wines, the trend is towards avoiding red meats. It is directly said to be linked to cholesterol and diseases of the heart. In many a countries now, the palate has seen a shift towards poultry and sea food.

Moderation over elimination

Completely cutting out a food item or a food group from your diet is not a decision that can last very long or is sustainable. Certain people who follow EXTREME DIETS or any FADS tend to do it.But remember it is called “EXTREME” or a “FAD” for a reason. The key is to have everything in moderation. This shall not affect our tolerance of a certain food/food group in the long run and also help in managing cravings.

Stay away from the two ‘whites’

White sugar(refined sugar), and White Flour(refined flour), are the two whites that you may want to completely avoid for reasons that only favor your health. With this trend of avoiding the two whites, you will find a lot of wheat/semolina/chickpea alternatives. Be it pastas, breads or cookies, you will have all options available around you.

Soups and Salads

The good old combination is adding to the meals of millions. While those following any kind of a diet plantry to include a Soup & Salad combo in their day,there are many who have replaced their traditional dinner with this combo.

Thankfully, salads are not restricted to only a few chopped vegetables,but have become a playground of innovation for those experimenting with their culinary skills/desires. With any meat/legumebeing the major portion of the salad, the combination with other fresh veggies, makes it a delectable item in your diet.

Immunity boosters

As the world is still fighting the CORONAVIRUS, the immunity boosting foods shall retain their popular place in daily routines. Use of herbs and spices shall also increase. GINGER, GARLIC, TURMERIC, CINNAMON, MINT, shall be included in your meals.

Add some seeds

A new addition to the fitness foods since a while has been the seeds. Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds - all have a different purpose and are extremely beneficial for supporting your health and digestive system. They are a healthy addition to your daily nutrition. Avoid the salted ones, and if you find it difficult to have them this way, then you can grind them and add to your main meal, be itdaal, salads, oatmeal or any other thing.

Portion control/Finish your plate

This is a trend that has been conscientiously followed by people around the world. Yes, the talks about wastage of food, and respect and value your resources is definitely there.But we tend to overload our plates with food, and land up wasting the food,as we are unable to consume it completely. The food in the plate as a result goes waste, or you end up eating much more than you require.

Having a portion control or making a habit of finishing your plate is a way of inculcating a good habit.

There are many trends that come each year, and like new fads, they fade away in a certain time.

Its best to follow what is best for you, and stay healthy always.

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