Designer Turned Bodybuilder: Rohitesh Manjrekar

He is the young athlete who aspires to be a great bodybuilder. Apart from his professional life he wants to make his mark in the fitness industry. Read out how he started his journey at the age of 16.

Designer Turned Bodybuilder: Rohitesh Manjrekar

I am Rohitesh Manjrekar a 25-years-old from Pune. Basically I brought up in Margao, Goa. I am a graphic designer but I got into fitness at the age of 16. I competed for the first time at the age of 17. I feel proud being a youngest Mr Goa at the age of 21. 

Coming from Goa I'm fond of fish and beaches. I am bodybuilder by passion but a graphic designer by profession. I am working for a digital marketing company as a graphic designer based in Pune.

I have represented India on an international stage. I am also a part of Team Boss owned by Sir Harry Sandhu and Absolute nutrition athlete.

Working for the corporate office and staying away from home, well, with all this I have to keep my Bodybuilding passion alive, time to time meals and hectic workout routine to match my lifestyle.

From 24 hours, 9 hours job, 3 hours daily workout, 2 hours traveling, 2 hours cooking and remaining 8 hours have to cover my sleep and personal stuff. Trust me its hell when I'm prepping for any event. So at some point I need to prioritize every single task of my life.

My transformation story started after my 10th board exams. I started to transform myself to impress others with my good physique like most of the people do! This is how I started working out.

My body was showing growth when one of my friend suggested to take part in intercollegiate university competition where I stood 1st in my weight category and from there my journey started.

No matter in which competition you are taking part the most important thing is passion and will power. If you have will power then it can help you in achieving your goals whether its self-growth or wining any title.

I don’t do anything special in my workout it's just intensity, and volume nothing other than this.

Workout Schedule:

Mon-legs, Tue-chest, Wed-back, Thus- arms, Fri-shoulders, Sat-legs

My Diet Routine

I totally eat moderately until my contest prep, where I drop carbs and fats totally from my diet. So basically it's just fish, chicken breast and egg whites for 6 to 7 meals with some greens, sometimes I tend to add Absolute nutrition's whey protein in my meals.


  • Participated at Mr. Asia championship held at Pune 2018 (Athletic physique)
  • 6th place at Mr. India help in Pune 2018
  • Bronze medal at Jr. Mr. India held in Goa 2015
  • 2 x Mr. Goa 2015, 2018
  • 4 x university gold medalist 2011 to 2014

In order to be successful in the bodybuilding you have to constant and patience. Involve yourself deeply in your aim and build your empire by yourself.

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