Desi Couple's Powerful Transformation: Gayatri and Aditya!

Working on yourself and also, leading your better half to transform is no less of a herculean task. Despite job, conventional ideologies, family responsibilities and judgmental people; the nation took notice of this couples’ immense will-power!

Desi Couple's Powerful Transformation: Gayatri and Aditya!

Aditya Sharma answered’s question in this interview and has given a message that leading a fit lifestyle despite all the life’s involvements and belonging to a far-fetched place, with no knowledge or motivation to begin with, is possible.

1. Let us know about the kind of lifestyle you both lead.

We are simple Marwadi people. I am a govt. employee (Aditya)and hence, my daily routine is around office and home only. There was no physical activity in my life. Also my wife Gayatri Sharma was a simple housewife, who used to take care of our two children and house work only. We never thought about Gym or and were not known to the world of fitness.She also being a typical Marwadi housewife, a sugar and tea addict lady, a mother of two children aged 10 and 13 years respectively, thus, could not pay much attention to her health before.

We are from a small district of Rajasthan named ‘Sirohi’. Here no one is aware of fitness and health etc.

2. Public would like to know about your achievements so far.

  1. I started my fitness journey in January 2016 by following proper nutrition and exercising. With proper Diet & Workout routine I achieved my Body fat from 24% to 8% and my wife achieved it from 32% to 18%. Both get Six Pack and got famous as Power couple or Marwadi couple at social media.
  2. Our journey is covered by AAJTAK TV News channel in September 2018 and Also, it is published at Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar,, and more than 100 websites, Magazine and Newspapers.
  3. Gayatri Sharma is first runner up in an online transformation challenge more than 7000 participants.
  4. We are Certified Nutrition consultant and Exercise science specialist from INFS and also pursuing certifications from NESTA & ISSA.
  5. Gayatri Sharma has owned a Gym named – Team Sparta™
  6. We provide online training according to specific goal and already help more than 600 individuals within last 3 years.
  7. I could reach to this stage with a great support of SQUATS and Mr. Jitendra Chouksey (Guruji) who educated me in a proper manner.

3. What are the challenges you people came across in your journey so far?

 When I started my journey, initially, people laughed at me, gradually after seeing my progress they started appreciating me and finally after seeing my results they started approaching me for the advice and started following me. Not only people, initially, it was hard to convince my family members too as every mother wants to feed her son all day long. But they not only got convinced but I started receiving their support on this journey. Along with this, like every human being I too had my share of duties to perform at home and at work place.Many moments came where I felt like giving up, one such phase was during April 2017 when I had an accident and I suffered from a lower back injury and I was advised to have a complete bed rest for 2 months.Just like me, each one of you will face some struggles, might feel like giving up but be patient with your efforts as the fat you are born with is very hard to lose. Discipline, dedication and hard work along with consistency were the salient features and my key to success. Remain fit, stay healthy and eat clean are the fundamentals that I follow to get back in shape.

4. How do you manage your time?

I have to manage all things- like my office, home responsibilities, gym and diet at all. So my routine is set in between all these aspects. And I am able to manage all these works because of my willingness.

5. When did you decide to transform?

In December 2015, I was an obsessed fatty person with 68 kg of weight and 24% of body fat. I was very obsessed and had 34 inches’ waist line. My shirts were not fitting me properly so I decided to get fit and get a beach body and I am too much afraid to get Diabetes or Blood pressure because these are parental diseases, genetic reason behind getting those is already there so I have to stay fit. Gayatri Sharma Also start her journey with me after seeing my progress and she did a wonderful job. She trained under my guidance and achieved body fat from 32% to 18% with six pack abs.

6. Your workout schedule.

Two body parts per day, 6-day workout. (Weight Training, NO CARDIO at all)

7. Basic diet.

Soya Chunks, Rice, Paneer, Spinach, Curd, Whey Protein and Multivitamins

8. Before and after weight before, age and percentage:

Name and Current Age Weight before (in 2016) Weight after (in 2018) Body fat % before
(in 2016)
Body fat % After
(in 2018)

Aditya 40 yrs



24% 8%
Gayatri 32 yrs 64 51 32% 18%

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