Delhi Gym Re-opening: All Gym Associations' Appeal to LG

By now, many states have successfully opened gym operation but Delhi’s hopes crashed when in August also the gyms were held in lockdown for an indefinite period of time. It has been 150 days since the gym businesses in shackles. Fitness industry people put up a moving appeal to LG.

Delhi Gym Re-opening: All Gym Associations' Appeal to LG

It has been 150 days since the lockdown on gyms has been implemented in Delhi. There is no relaxation in the same. When everywhere else the gyms are reopening and are staggering to normal functioning once again, Delhi gyms seem a far cry. There are some of the other where the condition resonates with Delhi.

When whole lot of other businesses are coming back to normal functions and opening in the market, dealing with public and public transport is also plying; this becomes a concern that gyms are barred to do so. Whole of the fitness industry business revolves around gym industry and this will hence, give a heavy jolt to the economy. This implication perhaps hasn’t been taken into consideration by the government. There are other states where gyms have opened and are fully-functional; following the strict guidelines issued by the government. Same can be done in Delhi. Recently, some of the fitness brands were dragged to bankruptcy court by Axis bank over non-payment of dues.

Delhi government is pushing afresh for opening of the gyms and has recently sent its request to LG. All the gym associations have put in their requests and gym personnel are running a movement on social media for reopening of Delhi gym. Many trainers have lost their jobs due to cost-cutting by the employers or due to closure of fitness centers altogether. The staff and trainers are undergoing heavy financial crisis, many big gyms have closed down already. The staff has put up placards stating that they also have families to feed and no one is coming to their help.

In these grim conditions, the only savior can be the decision of opening the gym on the guidelines, terms and conditions issued by the state and central governments. Even after the gyms open, it will be a challenge to bring back the business but slowly and gradually, it will pick up. As it has been over 150 days now since the closure of gyms in Delhi, the only way to save the fitness industry from collapsing is to save open the gyms once again.

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