Delhi Gym Association Calls For a Boycott of International Yoga Day

Gyms Shut, City bars open with 50% capacity. Lakhs of people associated with the gyms that are on the verge of losing their livelihood today boycotted the yoga day.

New Delhi: Gymnasiums in Delhi are not allowed to reopen as a part of Unlock 4; Gym owners said were disappointed with the continued ban.As a mark of our protest against this order which pushes more and more gyms for closure, the Delhi Gym Association has announced a complete boycott of  Yoga day on June 21, 2020.The association’s vice-president Chirag Sethi said that the boycott maybe a stamp of their protest against DDMA, which he said pushes increasingly exercise centres towards closure.

The order also said that cinema halls, gymnasiums, spas, schools, colleges, and all educational institutes, swimming pools, auditoriums, and banquet halls will remain closed for at least another week, till 5am on June 28.

Bars can reopen with 50% seating capacity from Monday and so can public parks, gardens, golf clubs, and outdoor yoga exercises, the Delhi government said on Sunday it withdrew lockdown limitations for the fourth continuous week to revive the city’s economy hit by the second wave of Covid-19.

 “Thousands of gym owners are now forced to shut their gyms... As a mark of our protest against this order, will are announcing a complete boycott of the Yoga day,” said Chirag Sethi, vice-president, Delhi Gym Association.

He added, “DDMA decisions of not opening the gyms in unlock 4 and no clarity is being given on the opening date for gyms. Lakhs of people associated with the gyms that are on the verge of losing their livelihood today boycotted the yoga day. The financial debt mountain is increasing every day; we have absolutely no financial support from the Government. So as a mark of our symbolic protest we boycotted the yoga day all across Delhi and the boycott was successful as all the gym owners from Delhi have participated in this symbolic protest. We will keep protesting till our gyms are allowed to open and our livelihood is put back on track.”

“The gym owners are now buried under debts. Thousands of gym owners are now forced to shut their gyms due to the pressure from the landlords, staff salaries, fixed charges for water and electricity. This closure of gyms will lead to large-scale unemployment; thousands of people will lose their bread and butter. In Delhi, we have over 5500 gyms and at least 1 lakh people work in the Fitness Industry. Now we are forced under extreme financial stress with absolutely no help from the Government. Gyms have opened in the neighbouring states like Haryana and no case surge of Covid-19 is seen in the city.”

It is because of gyms and fitness centres that the youth have moved their attention from drugs to physical fitness. There are numerous addicts who have presently opted for the course of physical fitness. If the liquor shops are open, then gyms should be allowed to reopen. With the unlocking 4, gyms have open in most of the metrocities and states. The Gym associated therefore demanded the fitness industry to be permitted to continue as they might not bear more losses. The gym owners assured to take all the Covid-19 related protocols.

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