Defy Ill-Effects of Sedentary Job and Transform: Learn from Sandhya!

For a Motion Picture Director, the biggest challenge is to give your workout priority and stay motivated throughout as your work profile doesn’t let you follow a set schedule. Sandhya emerged as one those inspiring exceptions who got their lifestyle in control just in time. Read to know how.

Defy Ill-Effects of Sedentary Job and Transform: Learn from Sandhya!

Sandhya D. Yadav is a 30-year-old from Mumbai. She is a Motion Picture Director. Sandhya changed the way she looked and felt altogether. She has come a long way since the time she decided to transform. Her work life is sedentary and there is not much movement which makes her susceptible to lifestyle disorders. Hence, she makes sure to balance it out with her training.

Initially, she had no direction and no knowledge when it came to having meals and doing workout. She had to go through a plethora of research papers and do her own calculations to arrive at her fitness goals. Like most of the people on her path, this was the major challenge in front of her to do it in limited time with no substantial guidance from any expert.

Since her work life follows no particular schedule, she has to go to the gym at any time of the day. Sometimes, she is the first or the last person to enter or leave the gym! She decided to transform in 2008 but that never materialised until 2018. She had to fumble with many irregular attempts at transforming herself in between.

Until she regularly started to train and paid attention to her meal on priority, her dream wasn’t realized. She managed to schedule her workouts over days in the weeks and plan her meals. Now, this is a lifestyle for her when she has eventually, made herself fit and muscular. She has landed good fitness brands to her credit as a promoter and ambassador like gym, supplement, apparel and peanut butter.

Being a fit person, she is able to balance her life well and lead a healthy life along with gaining popularity. Her basic workout schedule includes Chest, Shoulder and Triceps; Back and Biceps; Quads and Glutes, Hams and Calves – spread over 6 days in a week clubbed with cardio, hoolahooping, yoga and stretching comprehensively.

Her basic diet most of time in the year is 40% Protein, 40% Carbs and 20% Fat. Sometimes, she tweaks with the carbs percentage and adjust the rest accordingly. She is able to do this because now she knows her body and its dynamics much better of years of preparing her mind. She recently transformed herself and slashed down her weight from 60kg to 51kg within a year; her fat percentage before was 29% and after is 20%.

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