Deepika Chowdhury: Strength Personified!

The inspirational video mirrors the powerhouse of strength inside Deepika Chowdhury. A must watch.

India's first female IFBB Pro Deepika Chowdhury is a molecular biologist, powerlifter and a renowned figure athlete. She inspires with her exceptional grit, intellect, strength and zeal to compete with oneself. 

Her strength is not limited to her physical force and power as seen in video above, it is rooted deep inside her spirit to never give up and constantly improve, taking up every challenge with an elan! Look how easily and effortlessly she performs some of the strength-churning workouts here and like us, you will also be awestruck with the magnificence of her form. She perhaps symbolizes every woman who can be more than she is or what the world thinks she is, with continuous and undeterred efforts. 

Each one of us must workout to match our outer strength with our inner strength as Deepika does. May be living longer might not be in our hands but living bigger  certainly depends on us!

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