Damini Mishra’s Lightning-Bolt Transformation from 110kg to 60kg

If huge weight-loss target is scaring the hell out of you, if you think that it is next to impossible then it is time to re-think! People like Damini Mishra stand as an example of steel-will, persistent efforts and success story, who tells you that if you just do it, everything is possible.

Damini Mishra’s Lightning-Bolt Transformation from 110kg to 60kg

I am Damini Mishra, a 27-year-old girl from Delhi. I am working in The Times of India as a PR officer.

Right now, due to extreme workout and diet, I am facing hormonal imbalance. But I am sure that some things do happen in this process and also, the reason is that such a humungous change in my appearance and perspective towards life and health was expected to come with some of the transformation related hurdles. This can be taken care of now, when I have almost achieved a decent target.

In my previous lifestyle, I was 110 or 111kgs, loved all kind of foods, my waist size was 38 in men’s wear because it was hard to find the size usually in women’s section, having a sizeof XXL.  Everyone used to tease me ‘BULLDOZER’, some of my friends felt embarrassed when it came to hangout together. Fed up and frustrated with the way I was leading my life, not enjoying anything, finally, I decided to transform myselfand joined the gym. My trainer managed to give me a random diet and guided me on how to eat clean which started working on me and slowly, I started losing weight.

I always wanted to shed stubborn weight to be healthy and fit because the challenge was to find the clothes of my size and due to this I and my mother felt so embarrassed. I still remember, in shopping-stores, people used to laugh it off when a trouser or shirt was not fitting me, even my clothes were purchased from the men’s department and for those days, my biggest challenge was to stay fit, maintain weight in the healthiest way possible. I am now working out since last 6 years.

My key to achieve this huge weight-loss target, lead a healthy and active lifestyle, is only perseverance in efforts, persistence, patience and continued determination. It didn’t happen overnight, it took years to show up. You have to adopt this lifestyle forever and do not take it as a one-time target and task to be done and forgotten later. Once you do it, and keep doing it for year and more, it becomes your good habit, your lifestyle and you start enjoying it. After this, no one can stop you from being the best version of yourself.

My Basic Workout

I do weight-lifting to strengthen my core and tighten my loose skin and also I do maximum of 30 minutes cardio thrice a week.

My Basic Diet

My day begins with a cup of black coffee, after gym I used to have a breakfast with 2 multi-grain toasts with homemade seasonal fruit juice.

In noon, I used to have a bowl of daal with one small bowl of veggie and one chapati along with some yogurt.

In my supper, I used to have a cup of green tea with two Digestive or Marie-Gold biscuits and about 11 almonds

After my workout and in dinner, I used to take big bowl of daal along with cucumbers at 7:30 pm max.

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