COVID-19 Pandemic: Fitness Trumps the Virus

Movement is medicine and good nutrition is the best fuel for the most wonderful machine ever created, that is, Human Body!

COVID-19 Pandemic: Fitness Trumps the Virus

2020 & 2021 has been disruptive and sensitive for everyone due to spiking Covid-19 cases and its brutal severity. This year gave us new hope in the form of vaccine production but irrespective of that, even after taking vaccination, people are still getting infected. So does that means the vaccine is not useful or up to the mark? Or is it important to take a vaccine? What if a person doesn't take a vaccine? Well, if your immunity is not up to the mark, even the best medicines can't help you. Forget about Covid-19, if you focus on building a good immunity you can save yourself from lots of other health issues too! The major culprit in attracting any diseases is obesity.

Obesity is an indicator of

  • Your hormones are not functioning optimally
  • Your cortisol levels are going way higher
  • Your organs are suffering due to excess amount of fat suppressing them from functioning properly (visceral fat)
  • You have/will have hypertension, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, and much more.

How can all these problems be resolved? Take one step at a time, start exercising. Start from 1 rep if you can't do any. As per guidelines of the American college of sports medicine(ACSM), 150 mins of walking (30mins a day for 5 days in a week or 60mins a day for 3 days a week) can significantly increase your metabolism and reduce the risk of heart-related or the cardiovascular diseases resistance training for 3 days a week can help you to improve your muscle mass, improve insulin sensitivity, improve testosterone and Gh production and improve your neuromuscular functioning. Apart from these, there are not more benefits of resistance training.

Fix your nutrition

Just popping Zinc, Vitamin C and other Multivitamin Tablets won't help unless your nutrition is not on the point. It’s like you got the best car, the best engine but you are putting kerosene whereas the car demands petrol to run on. Reduce your sugar intake. Table sugar, sweets, junk food, cut down these from your diet. Think about your diet as it is fuel and your body is a high-performance car. You can't simply put anything in the petrol tank and expect it to work at its best. For best performance, the best fuel is needed and, the same manner your body needs the best nutrition for optimum performance and good health!

Choose carbs that don’t spike your insulin frequently – e.g. low GI carbohydrates. Eat food that gives you satiety. Bones are not just made up calcium it needs proteins too! Yes even if you are not a hardcore bodybuilder your body needs some amount of protein to function at its best. Choose first-class protein over the 2nd class - e.g. meat, fish, dairy, and poultry products are high in rich proteins.

Stick to quality and not quantity

Not more than 10% of calories should come from fats from your daily calorie food intake. Don't reduce the portion of food but change the quality of it. A slice of pizza (even though less quantity) will be bad compared to 6 ounces of chicken. Choose. It’s always about quality and not quantity.

As per a group of researchers named Meizi Wang, Julien S. Baker, and Yaodong Gu, people who are 60 years and above who are obese, whose BMI is over 25 and overweight are at higher risk of contracting Covid-19. As per the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) 11,634 people were infected by the coronavirus and more than 70% out of it were obese or overweight. There are many more statistical data in which it is mentioned that people with obesity and overweight are more prone to get affected by the virus.

A recent new study has found that exercising can increase the efficacy of the vaccine and you would be less prone to get affected by coronavirus. So, start exercising and improve your immunity which will help you to fight this pandemic and many more other health issues which you may attract if you don't move!

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