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COVID-19 and Fitness Goals: Celebrities Are on A Rampage!

Home workout is a challenge because your consistency and determination don’t remain the same after a few sessions at home. You need to be motivated enough to achieve your fitness goals. How celebrities are keeping up with their fitness goals, will inspire you to stay fit, in this article.

COVID-19 and Fitness Goals: Celebrities Are on A Rampage!

From Anil Kapoor to Rhea Chakraborty, almost all known faces in the tinsel town are sending off some serious fitness inspiration while working out at home. COVID-19 pandemic has led to a grave situation where it is claiming lives all over the world. Everyone in the nation is now staying safe at home and gyms have been shut down too. The lives are on a standstill, nevertheless, these actors, actresses and screen celebrities are both a source of entertainment and inspiration for all of us. No matter how much we say that we don’t have anything to do with them, they have formed an inseparable part of our lives with their performances. Social media is a place where you can sneak a peak into their daily lives and look their real life ‘performance’ first hand. Here ‘performance’ means their zeal and determination to win over the stressful situation by burning it out as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle even when there are no gyms for workout sessions.

Here comes the era of home workouts. There are some people who wouldn’t agree and say that they must not share their workout videos in the times of such crisis but there are a lot of them out there who wish to get inspired by them and workout at home like them to not only get into shape but develop a strong immune system and fight stress.

Rhea Chakraborty was seeing doing crunches with a flowerpot! This shows that lack of equipments cannot stop you if you are determined to do it. Also, it gives you innovative ideas to use available handy things as weights to your workouts. You can also use 1 kg salt packets, 2 liter water bottles, flowerpots of different sizes, pots of different sizes and any heavy lift-able item available if you don’t have weights or dumbbells at home.

Sarah Ali Khan posted a video doing good old burpees, jump squats, mountain climber, jumping jacks and lunges as part of home HIIT circuit training. This form of exercise is good for swiftly burning those extra calories you consume while staying at home. Likewise, Kiara Advanihas been seen doing cardio on a treadmill at home.

Similarly, Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor were spotted working out in their respective home-gyms on the machines. Anil Kapoor was doing a good cardio at spinning machine, spinning is cycling exercise with different resistance levels in the machine, this helps you increase stamina, warm-up, tones leg muscles and helps burn calories. Varun Dhawan has posted a video of him doing a form of cable curl and boxing. He is known to be a fitness freak and we are not complaining at all!

There many other celebrities who have been posting videos of their fitness regimen from home these days. Fitness inspiration from these celebrities does have a positive effect on their fans as they are inspired to be active, to fight stress, keeping themselves busy in these testing times. 

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