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Core Strengthening Workout – Day 3

Day 3 of home workout with Rosie highlights the importance of core workout along with demonstration of core exercises to chisel your abs.

Core comprises upper abs, lower abs, sides and back of same region. Core forms the base for other exercises hence importance of a strong core can't be ruled out.

She started with warm up exercises which include Star Jack, Side Reach, Slams, Front and back arm/shoulder circles, Crawl out bend and Crawl out bend push-ups. You can do 10 to 20 each as shown by Rosie.

Core workout regime has a series of planks and crunches with various variations. Starting off the workout with plank with bunny hop (20 reps/3 sets). It targets front and side abs covering whole of your core area. She moves on to plank jumping jacks (20 reps/3 sets). This requires you to perform jumping jacks in plank position.

Next exercise in the que is up & down plank (20 reps/3 sets). This targets your upper core. Final variation of plank is plank twist. You have to do this for 30 seconds at least. Here, you basically, perform twist in plank position.

Take a minute's rest and then proceed to perform crunches. First in line is in & out crunches (20 reps/3 sets). After lying face up on ground you have to gather your legs, hands and head together, while hands touching your toes which are folded at knees; and then get back to starting position. Second variation is reverse crunches in which your upper body is kept slightly up while performing crunches with your legs. This impacts your lower core.

Next you do V-shape hold for 30 seconds as shown in the video. This adds strength to all of core muscles. Then you do V-shape hold with arms crunches (20 reps/3 sets). Crunches variations finish with Russian twist (20 reps/3 sets). While holding your legs up a little, you have twist your upper body touching ground with both hands on each side one by one. This session will give a pain in the tummy muscles but that's actually the pump you get because of workout.

It is important to take time and perform workout, observe recommended rest periods in between exercises, and never rush through your exercises to have maximum results.

Rosie ends her session with stretching and cool down exercises in yogic postures as listed in the table.

Core strengthening workout

  • Warm-up
  • Star Jacks
  • Side Reach
  • Slams
  • Front & Back Arm / Shoulder Circles
  • Crawl out Bend
  • Crawl out Bend Push-ups

Workout details

Plank Variation

Plank with Bunny Hop 3 20 Reps
Plank Jumping Jacks 3 20 Reps
Up & Down Plank 3 20 Reps
Plank Twist   30 Seconds

01 minute rest

Crunches Variation

In & Out Crunches 3 20 Reps
Reverse Crunches 3 20 Reps
V-Shape Hold   30 Seconds
V-Shape Hold with Arms Crunches 3 20 Reps
Russian Twist 3 20 Reps

Stretching and cool down exercises

Cat & Cow Pose
Bird Pose
Bridge Pose
Warrior 3
Plank 01 Minute

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