Clients Success is The Real Reward: Manish Ruhail

Manish Ruhail is a very popular award winning fitness trainer. He shares his journey and his passion for his profession in this episode of the series – A Good Personal Trainer Files.

Episode – 3 of the series focuses upon a popular group trainer as well as personal trainer. He has been into this profession for past 13 years as he profoundly recalls in the video. But these years are only numbers which he counts as before that also he has been helping his clients getting fitter and better versions of themselves.

Manish Ruhail is also known as Manu Ruhail, he very popular among his clients for the way he trains and how minutely and scientifically he understands their progress and hurdles. A trainer is more than just a knowledge bank who knows things, he or she has to be a good counsellor, educated and totally passionate about getting his or her clients fitter. Helping them reach their goals is the primary objective in their minds instead of just earning money. Trainers like Manu Ruhail fit this definition perfectly.

Manish shares that when he started off training people in the gym, it was more of a compulsion and less out of choice because he didn’t have money to workout himself in the gym, he had to do a barter deal with the gym management that with his knowledge, he will help out the gym clients in their exercise while the gym has to let him workout in the gym.

Manish always had a knack for marketing hence, did door to door sales, worked for well-known brands as a retail sales person and then even joined a call-center. After trying all these jobs, he realized that he was not made for doing that and he needs to make a career somewhere where his heart lies. So he decided to educate himself well in fitness.

When he moved out of the gym as a young lad to earn money through marketing jobs, he made it a point that he doesn’t leave his training even if he is not able to train clients anymore. So managing his time was a challenge in front him, he didn’t leave his regime even if he had to run at 4 in the morning. When he decided to gain further education and certifications in fitness, it was even harder because now he had to balance time between training his clients, training himself and then studying. He wanted to give his 100 percent to everything he was doing and with his smart time management, he was able to excel in all fields he handled.

He recalls that when he started training clients in the gym where he himself worked out, there was a time that he was made fun of in front his own clients for not being educated enough to be a trainer and still doing that job. He decided to overcome this hurdle and not only train himself but educate himself well both in fitness and nutrition. He became ACE certified trainer soon after. He took all the criticism to motivate himself. To top it all, he already had his clients who were successfully helped by him earlier. That was reason, the gym let him train its clients even though when he started, he was not certified. Manu had already found his passion as a career or vis a vis. He never looked back from there.

He has been successfully training his clients by continuously updating himself as a trainer and a fitness guide. After getting multiple certifications, during his journey he got work with many trainers and people who used physiotherapy techniques to help the clients with different medical conditions. The exposure helped him to understand the human body and its healing mechanism more in detail. This knowledge helps him in helping clients with medical conditions like bulging spinal disc, injured shoulder or hernia, successfully towards their fitness goals without messing up with their existing health condition. In fact, the health conditions of his clients improved after undergoing a rewarding fitness routine under his guidance.

Over the years, Manish kept on growing more confident with increasing number of his clients. He went on to become one of the most sort after trainer. He works with one of the well-known fitness academies in India – Classic Fitness Academy as well. To know more about his journey, first hand, do not miss to watch Episode – 3 of A Good Personal Trainer Files!

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