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Chin Ups v/s Pull Ups: Which One Is Better?

Chin Ups and Pull Ups – both have their sets of merits but there are different ways in which they benefit you. The article talks about those benefits marking the difference and setting the importance.

Chin Ups v/s Pull Ups: Which One Is Better?

The confusion is obvious between two of these exercises both are beneficial for the specific muscles region. There is a slight difference between the chin ups and pull ups.

It is the fact that one exercise cannot be a winner because both are best compound exercises. The biggest advantage of these exercises is that they do not need any equipment, the only thing that is required is a bar and second biggest advantage is they can be performed at gym and home, if you have the appropriate bar available at your home.

Instead of choosing one exercise you should perform both exercises for maximum results because if you want to work on your back muscles, the combination of both exercises have the potential to bring the best results.


Chin ups are performed by having a supinated (inward) grip of palms while pull ups have pronated grip with the palm facing outward.

Targeted Muscles

Both movement work on the back muscles but at the same time they both have specific purpose on the targeted muscles. Chin ups specifically targets the latissimusdorsi muscle, it is the largest muscle in the back.

In pull ups the biceps are in the disadvantage position but the force puts on the lat during the workout.

In pull ups the wider your hands are placed the more focus on the lower fibers of the lats, the closer your grip comes-in, the more it focus on the uberfibers of the lats.


The technique of chin ups and pull ups is taken place in the same vertical movement and targets the same back but they perform slightly different.

In Chin ups the movement is consists of coming down of elbows and back from the front and use shoulder extension.

While Pull ups use shoulder adduction and the movement of elbows comes down from the sides of the back.


Chin ups require less strength than pull ups. That’s why most of the beginners find chin ups easy than pull ups. In starting you can do many reps of chin ups but in pull ups case is different. Before performing pull ups you have to do effective prepping exercises.

Comparative Charts of Chin Ups and Pull Ups

Chin Ups Pull Ups
It is easy to perform. It is harder to perform.
It has Supinated grip It has pronated grip
It has good lats activation It has good lats activation
It has worst activation It has better traps activation
More bicep activation More traps activation

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