Chest and Back Superset Workout by Steffi D’ Souza

Steffi demonstrates all the necessary tips on how to kill it in the gym and build mass up your chest and back through these powerful supersets.

Steffi D’Souza is a bodybuilder, having 10 years of work experience in the fitness industry and has been competing in bodybuilding competitions from last 4 years. Here at, she demonstrates how she pumps up chest and back in a gym with some of the super-effective supersets. She starts by warming up and tells about the importance of warm up before workout, “Make sure your heart rate is elevated and get it ready for proper workout.”

Superset 1: Chest Press | Bent over Barbell Row

While doing Chest Press makes sure that the bar should come up at the centre of the chest.  So keep in mind that you should do in the same manner and also in terms of breathing you need to make sure when you’re pushing it out breath out. To perform the exercise understanding of movement and getting breath in place are important.

For performing the bent over Barbell Row the grip should be solid, feet and shoulder should be apart. Keeps your legs slightly bent and back should be straight and bent your upper body forward. Bent down and keep the lower back tight so the chances of injury can be eliminated. Pull the bar towards the chest and pause for two seconds.  The breathing pattern for this exercise is to breathe out when you pull it and while releasing it, stretching it, breathe in and the grip for performing this exercise can be supinated or pronated. This exercise is beneficial in lower back problems.

Superset 2: Incline Dumbbell Press | Seated Row

Set your bench at incline angle of 45 degree for Incline Dumbbell Press. If you want to build and involve your shoulder more, you can increase the height of incline and if you want to involve your chest more, you should remain at lower height.When you push out, breathe out and breathe in when you go down, the breathing pattern should be like this for this exercise.

For performing seated row block your legs, grab the handles and keep your shoulders straight. Keep the back locked. Pull the weights towards your shoulder blades and hips altogether. Squeeze your back behind and then release it and maintain your breathing pattern, exhale when pull out and inhale when release it. 

Superset 3: Cable Cross Over | Lat Pull down

Cable Cross over is done by grip the handles and be in centre, stagger your feet and bend it forward and keep your back straight. Keep your elbows slightly soft don’t bend them open your arms and start squeezing and stretching, exhale when stretch it and inhale when inhale when open your arms. Maintain this breathing pattern throughout the exercise.

Start doing Lat Pull down with wide grip and sit on the seat at the right height. Start pulling down with your shoulders right up to the collar bones, stretch it and pull down with your shoulders with your arms slightly bent. Make sure that while releasing, you should not shock the elbows, keep it soft and stretch it at the same time.

Superset 4: Push Up | Straight Arm Pull Down

If you want to make Push-Up more challenging and raise the intensity then perform it by keeping your feet on the bench, perform the Push-Ups.

Set the cable bar at the highest and keep your shoulders, feet apart. Pull it down keeping your arms straight squeeze the handle down towards your hips. Keep your chest out and elbows straight.  The wrist position should be straight do not turn in and out your wrist.While stretching flex your legssqueeze and come back.


Chest and Back Superset Workout

Supersets Exercises Sets Reps
Superset 1 Chest Press


Bent Over Barbell Row
Superset 2 Incline Dumbbell Press 3 15
Seated Row
Superset 3 Cable Cross Over 3 15
Lat Pull Down
Superset 4 Push Up 3 15
Straight Arm Pull Down

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She is having 10 years of work experience in the fitness industry and has been competing in bodybuilding competitions from last 4 years. She is Sponsored athlete – in 2 nu.. Read More..


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