Chaitra Narendra's Magical Transformation!

“Each of us go through different circumstances which makes us what we are today. No matter what we go through in life, we should always remember that we are strong enough to get through with it and become the best versions of ourselves”, says Chaitra Narendra who transformed herself with her dedication.

Chaitra Narendra's Magical Transformation!

Chaitra’s husband, who is her best friend, inspired her into fitness back in 2014. Now she is a professional Architect. During school days, she didn’t even know what fitness was all about. She was a girl who was clueless about everything. She had no idea about her passion. She was unhealthy, obese for her height and never took care of her body or skin, only realizing later what a huge mistake that was.

Chaitra even got into an abusive relationship, which took a toll on her life in general. She was mentally, physically and emotionally drained. The main point is that, she was in a very bad place for years. Things changed when Chaitra met Chiranjeevi (her then best friend and now husband). He was literally the first person to even tell her what being healthy was all about, be it physically or mentally. Her journey started off with body weight training, and a low carb diet with a goal of just becoming skinny. But she found her real love in weight training, when she came across several women on social media who were muscular and she made an instant decision to join a gym.

Chaitra didn’t get any support from family initially. Her dad was extremely against her joining a gym. But she couldn’t wait until he got convinced about her decision. So, she went ahead and approached her brother Shamanth for help and he immediately agreed. He paid for her gym and supplements for a really long time until her dad finally found out about her going to the gym. He yelled at her, and only later agreed to pay the fees because, he saw her work really hard. Her next journey began and she started with weight and endurance training and even participated in a couple of circuit competitions in her gym and even won.

Chaitra’s confidence started building up and later she shifted to more of strength training and building muscles because her main goal was to hit the stage. Chaitra competed in her first competition in bikini category and won first place. She was extremely happy as that competition was 20+ days just before her wedding in Feb 2019. But she did it! And she was so proud of herself! Currently she is working on putting more muscle mass and getting even better for her next journey with the help of her husband.

Here she shares her basic workout regime:

Currently, I work throughout the week like 8-9hrs a day. So, my coach Samantha Simmons has given me a perfect regime where I workout 4 times a week (1.5-2hrs Workout duration) and also track my steps everyday (around 8k-12.5k steps everyday)

Here she shares her basic diet:

“Thanks to my coach, my diet is totally flexible, enjoyable and can be adhered to very well. It’s not something that will make me hungry or starve. It actually makes me happy and stronger. I have the necessary macros and calories according to current phase which is body recomposition!”

With regards to time management to stay fit, Chaitra says, “Honestly it is very difficult but I’ve learnt to prioritise things that are important to me, so I always make time to keep myself active and healthy. I wake up, help with some household chores, finish them up and then hit the gym, finish my workout come back home and login for work. I have my meals in between when I get breaks. I prepare my meals beforehand and my husband helps me with that a lot. I’ve learnt that Nothing is impossible! It’s all manageable.”

In her message Chaitra says, “Never believe or trust what others say about you (the negative opinions), because that honestly doesn’t define who you are. Find yourself first, try and listen to those who actually care about you, create yourself the best version of what you are capable of, do yourself a favour and take care of your body and mind. Because trust me, your body is your only companion that’s going to be with you for the longest, nothing else. And next time you hear people judging you, please know that you and your life are so much more than what that neighbourhood aunty thinks or says. It is important to mould our mindset in such a way that we work positively towards enriching our well-being and not let ourselves down.”

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